Tuesday, August 19, 2003
  • Cable Financials Reveal Second Quarter Ad Surge

    While some early indicators would suggest that the national cable ad marketplace may have slowed down during the second quarter of 2003, initial reports from publicly-held cable network companies indicate strong ad momentum during the quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • Big 5 Association Pubs Take On Top Business Titles

    As far back as anybody can remember, media planners and buyers have rarely given association publications serious consideration for the ad dollars they parcel out. But if Jim Elliot has his way, association publications will become coveted destinations for the most desirable mainstream advertisers. ...Read the whole story

  • Amid Consolidation, Media Boutiques Begin To Blossom

    Like some immutable law of physics, the media buying universe contracted and now some think it is poised to once again pull apart. The consolidation of media buying that took place over the past several years may have left only a handful of independent media services companies alive and kicking, but some observers believe that very same force is poised to trigger an expansion that will usher in a new golden age of media independents. ...Read the whole story