Friday, May 21, 2004
  • 2004-05 Upfront Sales Pitch Scorecard

    The 2004-05 upfront sales pitch season offically ended Thursday night with Fox's glitzy, star-studded event. Here, in case you haven't beeen keeping score, are MediaDailyNews' grades for the major upfront sales presentations. ...Read the whole story

  • A Look At Overall Media Forest, Could Fell Some Media Planning Trees

    With Madison Avenue poised to commit more than $15 billion in advertising budgets for the 2004-05 TV season, a new report reveals some startling incongruities in the way advertisers allocate their media dollars. The report, "Investment Considerations For The Communications Industry," which was just released by Veronis Suhler Stevenson, doesn't include any new data, but it is the first time the investment banker has compiled such a long-range perspective of media industry statistics, including 30-years of ad spending and consumer media usage patterns, that suggest the advertising marketplace has grown increasingly distorted. ...Read the whole story

  • UPN Keeps 'Enterprise,' Tight-Lipped About 'Amish'

    UPN saved the underperforming "Star Trek: Enterprise" from oblivion Thursday morning, but left hanging the fate of "Amish in the City." ...Read the whole story

    Behind The Local Peoplemeter Commotion. Explaining The Public Feud Between Nielsen & Fox

    Nielsen is no stranger to controversy, but the latest ruckus it found itself in the middle of was more contentious than usual, largely because it got the attention of Congress and because it was so public. ...More