Tuesday, July 20, 2004
  • Agencies Challenge Marketers, Offer Different Account On Accountability

    Accountability, or rather the lack thereof, is costing money. Your money. That was the explicit message sent by a panel of slightly defensive agency executives to a chief marketing officer-packed room Monday during the Association of National Advertisers' 2004 Marketing Accountability Forum in New York. ...Read the whole story

  • Radio Industry To Gauge Economic Impact Of New TV/Radio Ratings System

    Radio audience researcher Arbitron and the Radio Advertising Bureau Monday issued a request for proposal for a study to assess the economic impact Arbitron's new portable people meter ratings system would have on the radio industry. The effort would be the second economic assessment conducted by Arbitron, which has been trying to convince radio broadcasters - its core base of customers - that the new ratings system would not create a competitive disadvantage for the radio industry. ...Read the whole story

  • B-to-B Mirrors Consumer Rebound In Magazine Ad Pages

    The magazine industry, by far the most languishing of the major consumer media to pull out of the advertising recession of 2001, continues to show positive signs of hitting bottom and bouncing back up. Just a week after its consumer publishing counterparts at Publishers Information Bureau reported a turnaround in demand for consumer magazine ad pages, American Business Media reported the first ad page gain for trade magazines since December 2003. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Hires Top Multicultural Shop To Counter Local People Meter Opposition Ads

    In an effort to offset the impact of a well-financed anti-people meter campaign aimed at minorities, civic leaders and politicians, Nielsen has hired a top multicultural marketing agency to conduct an aggressive advertising and marketing campaign of its own. The effort, which will include print and radio advertising, as well as a "grassroots advertising," will be handled by Burrell, a multicultural shop that is regarded as one of the top agencies specializing in African American consumers. ...Read the whole story