Monday, July 26, 2004
  • Buyers Boggled Over Olympic Boondoggle, NBC Junks Junket With Potential Tax Levy

    In a development that could have far-reaching implications for a routine, but often unspoken benefit for media buyers, NBC has taken a tacit industry perk - the junket - and given it an explicit value, and it's one that could draw the attention of tax collectors, financial auditors and corporate compliance officers. In notices sent to its Olympic advertisers and media buyers, NBC has informed them that their travel and hospitality packages have an explicit value worth thousands of dollars, MediaDailyNews has learned. ...Read the whole story

  • Magazine Spotlight: Outdoor Life

    The formerly sleepy Outdoor Life, has undergone a renaissance of sorts over the last few years since it was acquired by Time Inc.'s Time4 Media. And the resulting ad boom has led the title to expand its frequency and raise its profile. ...Read the whole story

One Man, One Vote, 300 Ads

TV viewers in the battleground states are being hounded with presidential advertisements, which means this campaign is following the trail of campaigns past -- dumping most of its money into TV and pounding voters repeatedly with ...More