Friday, February 18, 2005
  • Nielsen To Delay DVR Ratings, Fund Millions In 'Independent' Research

    In an effort to defuse mounting industry pressure for independent, third party research to make its TV ratings methods more accountable, Nielsen today will announce a plan to fund $2.5 million in methodological research on TV audience measurement. In a separate, but equally significant move, Nielsen will inform clients it is delaying measurement of digital video recorder (DVR) households until 2006. The two bombshells are part of a series of announcements that will set a new agenda for TV audience measurement into the foreseeable future. ...Read the whole story

  • 4A's Unveil Comprehensive EDI Effort

    The American Association of Advertising Agencies pulled the curtain up on its electronic data transfer hub-- eBiz for Media--Wednesday, which will help conclude a two-decade crusade to find a service that allows the media industry's buy side and sell side to conduct "eBusiness transactions." ...Read the whole story

  • New York Times About To Extend Its Reach, Become A Dominant Web Player

    The New York Times Co. announced yesterday that it intends to purchase from magazine company Primedia Inc. for $410 million in cash. The deal could more than double the online reach of the Times Co. ...Read the whole story

  • Study To Evaluate Impact Of 'In-Page' Web Video Ads

    With video content on the Web still in short supply, marketers who want to stream video broadband ads are turning to "in-page" formats, in which video ads stream next to static text, or "transitional" formats, where ads stream between page views. But whether Web viewers interrupt their online reading to view this type of ad remains open to question. ...Read the whole story