Tuesday, February 22, 2005
  • Radio Gets Slow '05 Ad Start, Projected To Have A 'Flat' Year

    Following a rocky end to 2004, radio ad spending got off to a mediocre start in 2005. According to estimates compiled by the Radio Advertising Bureau, January radio ad spending rose 3 percent over January 2004, a month that was flat relative to January 2003. Following the release, Merrill Lynch revised its projections for 2005 radio ad spending growth to 2.9 percent down from its previous forecast of 3.5 percent. ...Read the whole story

  • Not Into Video Gaming? You Will Be, Horizon Predicts

    With video gaming already a $10 billion industry, with ESPN looking to market a show around the phenomenon, and with Hollywood and cable channels looking to create ever more vehicles for it, the question for video gaming right now is: "Where can it all go from here?" ...Read the whole story

  • Coalition Welcomes Nielsen Funds, Input, Eschews Its Influence

    Nielsen's plan to bankroll a $2.5 million fund for researching and developing new methodological research on TV audience measurement (MDN Feb. 18) got mixed reactions from some customers and other stakeholders it was intended to sway. While the announcement--part of a multifaceted response to a variety of Nielsen criticisms outlined in an eight-page letter sent by Nielsen CEO Susan Whiting to clients on Friday--does acknowledge the need for ongoing, independent R&D;, it raised questions about how Nielsen's funding might influence a process that the media and advertising industries had been developing on their own. ...Read the whole story