Thursday, February 24, 2005
  • 'Hell Freezes Over!' Mags Blur Church & State

    At a time when the line between advertising and editorial content seems to be blurring to an almost indistinguishable point, a major medium next week will break an ad campaign that could blur it even further. That medium, consumer magazines, ironically is also the same one that has been among the most vigilant guardians of the so-called 'church and state' between editorial and advertising content. ...Read the whole story

  • MSN Spins Wale of Tale: Goes Viral To Supplement TV, Radio Buys

    Online portal MSN will supplement its massive TV, radio and Web ad campaign for its new search service with a viral campaign dubbed MSN Found. The campaign is built around six fictional bloggers who collect MSN Search results relevant to their corner of the blogosphere, also links to other genuine phenomenon that circulate on the Internet like exploding wales. ...Read the whole story

'An Occasional Fruit Basket'

That's what the video said. I was sitting next to my media supervisor at the time. Rich and I were the only two from media amongst a group of 15 or so employees sitting in a ...More