Wednesday, May 25, 2005
  • With Time Running Out, Nielsen Seeks To Redefine It

    With time running out, Nielsen is making some very important decisions that could redefine the meaning of, well, time. TV time, that is. The TV ratings giant this week told clients of two important developments that will determine the way it measures TV viewing in digital TV viewing environments, especially ones like digital video recorders and video-on-demand that allow viewers to time-shift when they watch TV programs and commercials. ...Read the whole story

  • To Be Or Not To Be? Nets Find It May Be About The DVD

    The immense popularity of DVD collections of television shows--both off-net and current ones--is altering the economics of the network TV business, providing more of an economic incentive for big broadcast networks to keep even borderline shows on their schedules, and giving them more time to engage both viewers and advertisers. ...Read the whole story

  • Print Buyers Relieved By Meredith's Acquisition of G+J Mags

    Meredith Corporation's deal to buy Gruner + Jahr's Parents, Child, Fitness, and Family Circle magazines for $350 million is a win-win for both, media buyers say -- as the former will grow its portfolio of women's lifestyle publications and the latter closes a messy chapter in its bid for global expansion. ...Read the whole story

Einstein's Corner: Accountability - Creation as a Function of Rhythm

How can there be any real accountability in an age when the electronic spreadsheet is the primary medium for conveying our dreams? True, the electronic spreadsheet was designed to mitigate risk and promote accountability. But our ...More