Thursday, July 28, 2005
  • McDonald's Breaks With Walt Disney, Goes With DreamWorks

    Breaking with its long-standing marketing entertainment partner Walt Disney Co., McDonald's Corp. has struck a non-exclusive two-year worldwide marketing and promotional deal with rival DreamWorks SKG. Marketing executives say the deal could be worth some $100 million in paid media support for the studio. ...Read the whole story

  • Wall Street Labels Traditional Media's Malady, Terms It 'Media Malaise'

    A report released Wednesday by the financial management and advisory company Merrill Lynch cited a "media malaise" that had descended upon traditional advertising and predicted slow growth ahead for the industry in coming months. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Ratings Testimony Proves Divided: Will Regulation Stifle Or Enhance Innovation

    In the latest round of political debate surrounding the TV ratings business, representatives from Madison Avenue, the TV industry and the research business testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday, stripping away much of their partisan rhetoric and reducing their positions to a few simple themes, mainly whether the so-called FAIR TV Ratings bill would stifle or nurture competition and innovation in an industry that now has one self-regulated monopoly. The chief executive of Nielsen Media Research, and a top agency media buyer, said regulation would stifle the process, while a representative from the broadcast industry, an acknowledged ratings authority, and the ... ...Read the whole story

  • Meredith Corp. Reports Record Earnings, Ad Sales Thanks Largely To TV, Not Print

    In its first earnings report since announcing the acquisition of Gruner + Jahr, Meredith Corp., the Iowa-based media company known for its magazines, Wednesday reported records earnings for its fiscal year ending June 30, with total earnings growing 23 percent to $128.1 million and fourth quarter net earnings rose 12 percent to $42.2 million. Ironically, that growth came largely from increased profits within its broadcasting division. ...Read the whole story

  • In-Theater Advertising Grows; NCM Looks To Target Specific Audiences

    Buoyed by the fact that national theatrical advertising is still a fast growing advertising business --climbing at 23% to $425 million in 2004--National CineMedia, the movie theater advertising sales company, will re-launch its key 20-minute in-theater entertainment program, called "The 2wenty," as a customized program. ...Read the whole story

  • Postal Reform Legislation Commended

    The Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) both released statements on Wednesday lauding the approval of Bill H.R. 22 - covering postal reform legislation - by the United States House of Representatives. ...Read the whole story

Right Idea. Wrong Execution.

First, kudos to the Association of National Advertiser's (ANA) task force for embracing a new media metric - engagement - after all these years of supporting reach and frequency. And while it's encouraging that everyone involved ...More