Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  • Carat's Verklin Reaches Out, Embraces Micro Planning

    Instead of waiting for an imminent future where digital media is the hub of the advertising marketplace, Carat North America CEO David Verklin Tuesday outlined immediate steps Madison Avenue can take for planning and buying media today. Planners and buyers should reconsider the ad industry's standard goal -- reaching as many consumers as possible -- Verklin told attendees Tuesday morning at OMMA East. "In the digital age we need to be able to manage thousands of small placements," he said. ...Read the whole story

  • Bolloré Boosts Aegis Stake, Publicis Keeps Trading Shares

    Amid a whirlwind of stock trading activity, French corporate raider Vincent Bolloré has increased his stake in Aegis Group to 8.04 percent from 6.04 percent fueling speculation that he may be mounting a takeover. The move follows Public's Groupe's announcement that it has held preliminary talks with the Aegis board about acquiring the London-based media buying and marketing research holding company. Publicis also continued to buy and sell shares of Aegis stock over the past several days, though it has yet to amass enough of a stake to register among Aegis' major shareholders. ...Read the whole story

  • Madison Avenue Bemoans Scale, Complexity Of Buying Online Video

    While broadband video has emerged as a potential alternative to television, interactive agency media buyers speaking Tuesday at OMMA East said it still has not attained critical mass, and has yet to become an integrated part of their planning and buying practices. ...Read the whole story

  • OMD, Yahoo! Find It's A Brave You World, Study Reveals Teen Media Habits

    A surprising study of teens around the world seems to promise a future that is paradoxically both bright and uncertain for the advertising industry. While today's teens are far more receptive to advertising's goals and methods than previous cohorts, the study found that they continue to reject advertising in the one arena marketers are most excited about: the "new" media of mobile devices and the Internet. ...Read the whole story

  • DreamWorks, NBC Universal Drop Acquisition Talks

    Talks that would have NBC Universal acquiring DreamWorks' film and TV fell through yesterday. The proposed $1 billion deal would have given Universal control of DreamWorks' live-action film studio, including a 60-title library. Negotiations didn't include its animation unit, which was spun off as a public company. ...Read the whole story

  • Searching For A New Way To Promo, UPN Googles 'Chris,' Ads Yet To Come

    UPN's decision to Webcast the new prime-time series "Everybody Hates Chris" is part of an "experiment" to determine the best use of TV content on the Web, Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media, told attendees at OMMA East on Tuesday. Google began hosting the show, ad-free, on Monday--and will continue to do so through Thursday. ...Read the whole story