Monday, December 19, 2005
  • Nielsen Unveils Holiday 'Recovery Plan,' Predicts Big Uptake In New Technology

    As Nielsen prepares to make one of its biggest shifts ever in the way it measures and reports television ratings, chinks in its data reporting systems have begun to grow apparent. In recent weeks, Nielsen's so-called "overnight" ratings have been released hours later than they are supposed to be, and some observers believe that is a harbinger for even greater problems as Nielsen plans to release a multiplicity of data streams to both clients and the media--creating the opportunity for more spin, confusion, and data management issues than ever before in its history. ...Read the whole story

  • New World Of A La Carte: Cable Packages Dwindle

    Cable consumers will need to make do with as few as six to nine cable channels in a world that allows them to pick and choose cable networks, says Kagan Research. Kagan says the number of networks would narrow because people would gravitate to the well-known networks such as ESPN, Discovery, and TNT. ...Read the whole story

  • Starcom, Weather Buy Minute-By-Minute Ratings

    Media agency Starcom MediaVest Group and cable network The Weather Channel have become the first clients to sign up for Nielsen Media Research's minute-by-minute data. ...Read the whole story

  • iPod Gets The Nod On 'The Office,' Other Product Placements

    The annual Dunder Mifflin holiday party found Michael disappointed with his secret Santa gift, an oven mitt, when he went way over the $20 gift limit and bought an iPod for Ryan. But when Michael suggested turning Secret Santa into Yankee Swap, everyone vied for the iPod in the December 6th episode of NBC's "The Office." ...Read the whole story

The Department: Go Ahead, Raise the Bar

Here's a question you don't often hear at a time when media people complain of being overworked and undervalued: Why don't clients ask more of media? My premise is that, in this new-media world, clients should ...More