Tuesday, December 20, 2005
  • BMW Drives Media To GSD&M, Austin Shop May Lose DreamWorks

    GSD&M;, the Austin, TX-based agency known for its creative work, might lose its big entertainment account, DreamWorks, next year, but it looks to be driving off with BMW's media account. GSD&M;, which recently won BMW's creative account, has also picked up the $160 million media buying and planning account, MDN has learned. That's a significant blow for Publicis' Optimedia unit, which has worked on BMW's media for years, and was a key player in innovative media strategies, such as its landmark BMW Films effort. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Adds Spanish To TV Ratings Babel Stream

    Amid growing fears that the imminent release of multiple, conflicting streams of national TV ratings data will throw the TV business into babel, Nielsen Monday announced plans to add another language into the mix: Spanish. Effective next week, Nielsen will begin reporting two sets of national TV ratings data for Spanish-language programming giant Univision: One set produced from Nielsen's general market sample; the other from a special Hispanic household sample Nielsen created years ago to represent Hispanic households. ...Read the whole story

Guest Commentary

It's almost time to turn the page on 2005, so MediaDailyNews decided to ask a few people we know to cast predictions on what will happen in the greater mediaverse in the new year. First up ...More