Monday, April 24, 2006
  • Nielsen Has A 'LOT' More Problems, Goes To New Lengths To Fix One

    In the latest in a series of debacles stemming from Nielsen's effort to begin including ratings for time-shifted viewing this year, the TV researcher has informed clients that all of the data it has released on an increasingly important metric - length of tune, or "LOT" - is wrong. The data, which calculates the average amount of time viewers are tuned to a network, program or daypart, is used by some advertisers, agencies and networks as a surrogate measure of "engagement," an increasingly important but often elusive effort to understand how deeply consumers are involved with the media and advertising ... ...Read the whole story

  • Outdoor Industry Taps MRI For New Ratings, Will Compete With Nielsen's

    Days after Nielsen announced plans for an aggressive rollout of a new state-of-the-art ratings system for out-of-home media, the outdoor media industry today announced the final phase of its own plan and it doesn't appear to have any room for Nielsen. Instead, the outdoor industry plan, which is being coordinated by the Traffic Audit Bureau, has awarded its outdoor audience ratings initiative to an alliance Europe's Gfk Group, Gfk's U.S. subsidiary, magazine audience researcher Mediamark Research Inc., and media planning services provider Telmar. ...Read the whole story

  • Comcast Has First-Ever VOD Upfront Meeting

    With its first-ever VOD upfront meeting for media buyers in New York on Friday, Comcast Corp. announced that within three months, programming from ABC and Fox will be added to its list of networks to its On Demand service. ...Read the whole story

  • Hallmark Shakes Off Uncertainty As Upfront Approaches

    Coming in any upfront season, no cable network wants to be put in a bad negotating position with its advertisers. One of the worst situations is when a media company is looking to sell its cable network. ...Read the whole story

  • To Get Viewers In Its Seats, TNT Targets Bus Riders In Their Seats

    In an example of the lengths that TV networks must go to in order to reach people who may not be watching their promotions on conventional TV, Turner Broadcasting System will begin airing promos for TNT's upcoming NBA playoffs coverage to commuters on business in Atlanta and Los Angeles. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Opie And Anthony' Return To CBS Radio, XM Too

    In an unusual but expected move, CBS Radio today announced a deal to revive its controversial "Opie And Anthony" show. The deal, which includes commitments to run the new program on seven CBS radio stations in major markets beginning Wednesday, also includes an uncensored version of the program on XM Satellite Radio, as well as an online version that will be streamed over the Internet. Details of the deal were not disclosed. ...Read the whole story

Brandtique: Old Navy

After some boom years, Old Navy's "great fashion at great prices" positioning has come under siege. Competitors are now beating it at its own game, offering cargo pants and vintage T-shirts at even lower prices. ...More

  • Product Placements of the Week

    1 - Ace Hardware 2 - Payless Shoes 3 - Chevy Corvette 4 - Old Navy 5 - FebrezeClick here to view these placements. Data and Analysis provided by iTVX. ...More