Wednesday, November 29, 2006
  • Online Trade Effort Borrows Offline Theme: Engagement

    At a time when print publishing trade associations representing newspapers, consumer magazines and trade magazines have embarked on big advertising campaigns to promote the vitality of their medium, a group representing online publishers is about to do the same. And like its print counterparts, the online group is leveraging the media theme du jour on Madison Avenue: engagement. Interestingly, that group, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will be using a combination of print and online advertising buys to get its message out. The message: "Media More Engaging." ...Read the whole story

  • VNU Grabs Media Star: Mandel Joins Nielsen

    In a move that shocked even the most jaded observers of the ad game, Madison Avenue's outspoken media sage Jon Mandel has left WPP and Group M to join VNU, the global information and media company best known for its Nielsen TV ratings service. He says it's a chance to be at the forefront of how the industry is changing. ...Read the whole story

  • M&A, Venture Capital Activity To Continue

    The hot and heavy merger and acquisition activity that has been reshaping the media industry for much of 2006 will continue into 2007 and beyond, according to investment banking and venture-capital executives speaking at the Digital Magazine Forum Tuesday afternoon. As before, the main players will include "traditional" media companies, established and new online companies, and aggressive venture-capital and private equity investors. ...Read the whole story

  • Microsoft To Be Sole Sponsor For ESPN's 'SportsCenter'

    On the heels of Philips Electronics' deal to become the sole sponsor of "NBC Nightly News" next week, Microsoft has done the same with a broadcast of ESPN's "SportsCenter." In both cases, the deals include the marketer running fewer spots than the normal loads, believing a less-is-more approach will go further in delivering their messages. ...Read the whole story

  • Stay Tuned: More Family Programming To Come, Network Execs Say

    LOS ANGELES -- As major advertising executives continue to complain over the lack of adequate family programming, senior network executives believe they are making progress. ...Read the whole story

  • TiVo To Offer 'Program Placement' For Advertisers

    TiVo, once the would-be assassin of television advertising and now looking to find ways to enhance it, is giving marketers an option that might partly combat its ad-skipping function. The maker of the most-talked-about DVR will allow advertisers to run an ad on the screen after a recorded--and perhaps ad-skipped--show is viewed. ...Read the whole story

  • Time-Shifting Helps Deliver Family Programming, But Viewers Want More

    LOS ANGELES -- Viewers who desire family TV programming for their prime-time viewing can benefit from DVR and VOD technologies--but it doesn't make up for the general dissatisfaction over the lack of family programming. ...Read the whole story