Friday, December 22, 2006
  • New Year's Heave: Wal-Mart Poised To Announce

    Somebody's going to have a very Happy New Year. Unless Wal-Mart changes its mind -- again. The retail giant has confirmed to MediaDailyNews that it already is hearing final presentations from the media and creative shops pitching its $580 million account and is on track to announce a new roster by the first week of January. ...Read the whole story

  • Are Traditional Media Companies Lining Up To Buy AOL, Yahoo? Wall Street's Abuzz

    Are big online portals AOL and Yahoo about to go into play, and could a major traditional media company like, say News Corp. or Comcast, be preparing to buy one or the other? That's what Wall Street is beginning to buzz about, according to a report released Friday morning by the equity research team at Merrill Lynch. ...Read the whole story

  • Out Of Order: Fox Slams FCC For Indecency Argument

    Fox Broadcasting Co. told a panel of appellate judges on Wednesday that FCC sanctions levied against the network over the use of profanity for its Billboard Awards were not warranted. The net argues that the agency didn't provide a "reasoned analysis" of why it changed its policy. A decision isn't expected until February or March. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Office' DVR Viewing Soars, Lower 'Live' Ratings May Cost Nets Big Bucks

    When ratings come in for the next new episode of NBC's "The Office," the data are likely to show a full one-fourth--25% --of 18-to-49 viewers watched via DVRs. Bottom line: networks' failure to get paid for more than just "live" viewing could cost them big dollars. And that may have a big impact on next year's upfront. To capitalize on this, "live plus seven" ratings may become the standard for future ratings. ...Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: Razing the Bar

    The upswing in advertising for alcoholic beverages on cable TV would seem to be bad news for magazines, which traditionally dominated the market--but is it? The question is complicated, and depends on what kind of alcohol is being advertised. Even within specific categories, it's hardly a zero-sum game. ...Read the whole story