Monday, January 22, 2007
  • GE Touts NBCU Turnaround, Numbers Still Don't Reflect It

    General Electric has been singing the same song for a year: NBC's reversal of fortune. "NBC Universal is rebounding," said CEO Jeff Immelt in a conference call Friday. But where's the proof? Revenue increased 10% in 2006, yet Olympics losses meant a 6% drop in profits. The estimates for the first quarter of this year--essentially flat. ...Read the whole story

  • When Ads Attack: A YouTube Windfall

    Last Wednesday, a freak gust of wind loosed a barrage of field-side billboards on competing soccer teams in the Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. By Sunday, the surreal footage of rectangular billboards floating over confused soccer players from the Orlando Pirates and the Black Leopards was on American broadcast TV--and, of course, YouTube too. Around the world, users from South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia also posted clips from broadcast TV news on YouTube. ...Read the whole story

  • CW Streams Shows, Enters New Digital Arenas

    PASADENA, CALIF.--Blame it on starting a new network. Dawn Ostroff, The CW entertainment president, admits the net is late to the Internet programming party. Only now is the CW streaming seven of its shows, including "Veronica Mars" and "One Tree Hill," on But it says it surpasses other networks in new digital arenas. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Unveils Scripted Shows, Juggles Lineup Around 'Idol'

    PASADENA, CALIF.--Fox is shifting gears mid-season and launching three new scripted shows. Speaking at TCA, Peter Liguori, president of Fox Entertainment, said the network is mixing things up. Reality shows are old news; comedies and action dramas are next. "What we say here is: Spring is a new fall." ...Read the whole story

  • RIAA Lawsuit Against XM To Proceed

    Turn up your dial. A U.S. district judge has allowed a major lawsuit brought by the recording industry against XM Satellite Radio to proceed. The lawsuit brought by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) seeks $150,000 from XM for songs downloaded by subscribers using the Pioneer Inno, a combination XM radio and MP3 player that enables users to record songs and play them later. RIAA says the device violates copyright protections. XM says it is protected by the Audio Home Recording Act. ...Read the whole story

  • Spike Pits Regular Guys, Media Buyers Against Pros

    A promotional event for the new season of the Spike network show "Pros vs. Joes" will let media-agency executives determine which category they fall into. The event, created by Carat Brand Experience, pits media buyers and ordinary guys against ex-NFL players. ...Read the whole story

  • Versus Network Adds Martial Arts To Lineup

    Comcast-owned Versus network is the latest to add martial arts battles to its programming menu. The network, formerly OLN, will offer World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) this summer. ...Read the whole story