Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  • Bollore Eyes Havas' Media Operations, Names Himself Chairman Of MPG

    As an aggressive takeover artist, French financier Vincent Bollore hasn't always had the best relationships with the media. Now he's put himself in charge of it. The French businessman who seized control of French agency holding company Havas more than a year ago, and has been eyeing a similar takeover of the U.K.'s Aegis Group, has installed himself as chairman of Havas' MPG media services network. ...Read the whole story

  • From Times To Times: Baquet Moves From LA To NY

    The Los Angeles Time editor fired by the Tribune Co. for insubordination has found a new--actually, old--home at The New York Times. Dean Baquet, who lost his job in November 2006 for refusing to cut his newsroom staff to reduce costs, is returning to The New York Times as an assistant managing editor and the chief of its Washington bureau. Baquet replaces Philip Taubman, now an investigative reporter on national security issues and an associate editor of the paper. ...Read the whole story

  • Bitter Pill: Docs, Ad Industry Clash Over Direct-to-Consumer Ads

    The controversy over direct-to-consumer drug advertising is heating up, pitting pharmaceutical manufacturers and advertisers against doctors and academics demanding more regulation. A new study says the ads make people want drugs they don't need and should be banned. The ANA disagrees. At stake: $4.5 billion in DTC ad dollars. ...Read the whole story

  • Scripps Outlook: Newspapers Flat, Cable, Broadband Soar

    Only weeks after indicating it could benefit from divesting its slow-growth newspaper business, E.W. Scripps reversed course. On Tuesday, via a read-my-lips-style declaration, it announced its print business is here to stay. Yet while newspapers--per fourth-quarter earnings--were flat, cable saw double-digit gains. ...Read the whole story

  • Game And Set: Tennis Channel, ESPN Swap Matches

    In an unusual programming swap, the Tennis Channel will give ESPN the rights to carry part of one Grand Slam, the French Open, in exchange for gaining another. The Tennis Channel will get to carry part of the Australian Open. The deal includes coverage of the tournaments on TV as well as broadband, plus some cross-promotion, a potential boon to the smaller network. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Claims Monday Night Victory With Intense Dramas

    The Fox mid-season rating rush is now building in some non-"Idol" dayparts: Monday night. For the first time this season, Fox has edged out NBC for a rare Monday night win, with "Prison Break" and "24" leading the charge. ...Read the whole story