Thursday, February 22, 2007
  • Like Viacom, CBS Rebuffs Google/You Tube

    A second major media company has slowed down the Google train, according to published reports.Talks for an extension of a deal between Google and CBS Corp., which would allow more video clips of its shows to be run on Google's, including "The Late Show with David Letterman," have ended, reports The Wall Street Journal. Google, however, is still looking for a financial model that addresses media companies' piracy concerns. ...Read the whole story

  • TVB Commits $5 Mil. To E-Biz Buy-Sell System

    At a time when the spot market is losing some of its 50-year-old luster, the local broadcast industry is looking to give itself a jolt. The Television Bureau of Advertising is committing $5 million to develop a long-awaited system for electronic buying and selling that makes it easier to purchase on-air avails. ...Read the whole story

  • Time Warner Dominates Global Media Dollars, Google In Market Value

    At nearly $30 billion in media revenues, Time Warner is the world's biggest media organization by a margin of nearly two-to-one over its next-biggest competitor, News Corp., according to findings of an analysis of the world's top media owners released Wednesday by ZenithOptimedia Group. The report strips away non-media-related revenues to compare and rank the world's biggest media companies based on their importance to Madison Avenue, and shows that after Time Warner and News Corp., General Electric, the parent of NBC Universal, ranks No. 3, ahead of CBS and Walt Disney Co. ...Read the whole story

  • IBM: Old Media Companies Should Create Chief Consumer Officer Post

    In response to the "consumer-in-control" movement, IBM's media-consulting arm recommends that "old media" companies create a Chief Consumer Officer post to ensure the target audience remains critical in all content decisions. If the traditional business model has been driven by "pushing" content at consumers, the CCO would work to maintain a focus on a "pull" strategy, in which consumer tastes would play a more prominent role in product development. It's all about the customer. ...Read the whole story

  • Paper Tiger: New York Times Revenue Off in January

    The New York Times Company got off to a slow start in 2007, posting a slight drop in sales, compared to the same month last year. Overall ad revenues fell 2.1% to $182.6 million. The fall was due largely to continuing weakness at its New England operations. ...Read the whole story

  • Not Kid's Play: Cartoon Net Grabs Adult Ads

    The $850 million kids' TV ad dance is about to start up again. But if one kids' programmer has its way, it will be more of an adult tango. Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network sees a market for adult ads in kids' shows. Since parents watch with their kids, the net targets car, insurance and retail outlets. ...Read the whole story