Thursday, April 26, 2007
  • Digital Nation: Nielsen Pegs DVRs At 17.2%, Dallas Is Most Digital Market

    Nearly four months after it began reporting audience ratings in households with digital video recorders, Nielsen Media Research has issued its first official estimate for the size of the DVR universe in the U.S. television marketplace. The estimates, which were sent to clients Wednesday along with new universe estimates for other digital TV technologies including digital cable and DVDs, show that 17.2% of American TV households now have a DVR, a slightly higher number than some might have expected from the TV ratings researcher, which currently has DVR households in about 15.8% of its national TV ratings sample. ...Read the whole story

  • Guccione Jr. Has Omnivorous Appetite: Wants Omni, Travel Title Too

    Opening a new chapter in one of America's most storied publishing dynasties, Bob Guccione Jr. is in talks with his father Bob Guccione Sr. to acquire Omni, the seminal science and science fiction magazine that spawned a new category of consumer magazines, including Discover, the publication Guccione Jr. now presides over as CEO. The deal would represent an ironic full circle for the magazines, because Discover was launched by Time Inc. 27 years ago to compete with Omni. ...Read the whole story

  • Clinton Fights Obesity on 'Rachael Ray'

    Former President Bill Clinton appears on an episode of "Rachael Ray" today to announce a partnership with the popular chef to publicize various anti-obesity initiatives. Clinton used his surprise cameo in Ray's television kitchen to publicize the collaboration between her nonprofit "Yum-o Organization" and the Clinton Foundation's "Alliance for a Healthier Generation." ...Read the whole story

  • Meredith Profits Surge 15%

    Print is paying off for Meredith Corp. While other print media are seeing print revenues collapse--especially newspapers--Meredith's core print properties are turning in strong performances. Publishing operation profits rose 5%, while Web ad revenue is up 50% from first-quarter 2006. ...Read the whole story

  • Lifetime's CEO Exits Network

    Just a day after Tuesday's upfront, Betty Cohen bid Lifetime adieu. The president and CEO had a brief tenure--two years--and the network has yet to name an acting executive in Cohen's place. ...Read the whole story

  • Touchdown: NFL Package Scores Big For NBC O&Os

    NBC Universal might struggle to turn a profit on its "Sunday Night Football" package, but the company at-large is primed for profits as favorable scheduling looks to fill the coffers of its local stations. This fall, 12 of the 17 scheduled games involve at least one "home team" from a market where NBC has an owned-and-operated station. And when the "home team" is playing, ratings skyrocket, allowing stations to command premium pricing for the local avails. ...Read the whole story

  • Flipping the Scripps: More Bad 1Q Results

    Filling out the portrait of an industry in decline, E.W. Scripps Company announced Wednesday that its first-quarter earnings sank about 9%, compared to the same period in 2006, to $68.5 million. The more ominous news concerned its interactive media division, which is projecting revenues 50% lower than previous estimates. ...Read the whole story