Friday, April 27, 2007
  • Fox's Nesvig Unveils Solution For Time-Shifted Spots: 'Time-Dependent Replacement'

    Fox is in talks with TiVo about testing a new, proprietary technology that would enable advertisers and agencies to replace commercials embedded in programs recorded on their digital video recorders with fresh, time-relevant spots. The plan, which was unveiled Thursday by Fox sales chief Jon Nesvig during a panel discussion at MEDIA magazine's Outfront '07 conference in New York, could prove to be a solution to the concerns of some advertisers about the value of time-shifted TV advertising buys. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Restructures Media Operations, Divides Empire Between Thomas, O'Hara

    In a surprise move, Nielsen Thursday informed clients that it has restructured its management team, dividing its operations among two key executives - Dave Thomas and Jim O'Hara - who will oversee all client-related and product related activities, respectively. ...Read the whole story

  • Stuck In Neutral: Who Is Responsible For Bad Ads?

    This year's TV upfront will operate much like it did a year ago--even in the new growing digital age. Change is coming, but more slowly than media observers want. A sticking point is commercial ratings. Why should the networks, rather than the marketers, be penalized for bad ads? The answer may come from better creative and better communication between creative and media executives. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable Clutter: Nets Try To Eliminate Boring Ad Pods

    Cable ad sales executives may be leery about the viability of commercial ratings at this year's upfront, but many are ready to solve one major advertiser complaint: long, boring-looking commercial pods. From ESPN to Turner, nets are working with markters to create new ways to keep audience interest. ...Read the whole story

  • Boom Times For Out-of-Home Video

    "It's a gold rush." The phrase reflects both the mushrooming presence of out-of-home networks and the increasing attention from advertisers large and small. The explosion recently drove industry leaders to form their own association, the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau. The medium's reach and possible scope is staggering. ...Read the whole story

  • ABC's Wong New Lifetime CEO

    A day after Betty Cohen resigned as head of Lifetime Entertainment, the company has tapped ABC programming veteran Andrea Wong to take over just weeks before the upfront. Wong has been executive vice president-alternative programming, specials and late night at ABC since 2004, credited with hits "Dancing With the Stars" and "Extreme Makeover." ...Read the whole story

  • Buyers, Sellers Divided Over Role Of Commercial Ratings

    While some leading buyers are clamoring to use commercial ratings in upfront negotiations as soon as next month, executives at the MediaPost Outfront Conference were not in agreement. The big question: which faction of the buy-side will triumph? Those pushing for commercial ratings or those who prefer to test and wait? ...Read the whole story

  • Waiting To Exhale: Vid 2.0

    The broadband video market is coming, but nobody knows when it will arrive or what it will look like. The ad model is still up for grabs, and the audience size is anybody's guess. It sounds like a Beckett play; instead, it's an industry reality that generates lively debate. Content needs to flow on multiple platforms, on demand, that is relevant to consumers. Ads have to be recrafted to meet this changing digital world. ...Read the whole story