Wednesday, May 23, 2007
  • AT&TU Adds Detroit, Telcos See Cable, Satellite As Real Threat

    AT&T's telco TV service, which the company says is taking a quality versus quantity approach to rollouts, has entered its fifth DMA in the top 15, adding the Detroit market. Although AT&T U-verse lags behind the other telco TV entrant, Verizon's FiOS, the services don't compete against each other. Their real rival is cable and satellite. ...Read the whole story

  • CNN, CBS, NBC Expand Web Presence

    TV networks were busy with Web expansions yesterday. CNN bought an equity stake in Internet Broadcasting, CBS Interactive bought "Wallstrip," an online financial video show, and NBC Universal adopted a new ad format from Unicast. Each move added advertising muscle to the respective TV nets. ...Read the whole story

  • Earthbound: XM Satellite Snafu May Impact Merger Talks

    XM Satellite Radio subscribers suffered widespread service outages for the second day on Tuesday, after a software glitch temporarily put one of the company's four satellites out of service. The satellite software problems have great potential impact: They may raise questions about the advisability and timing of the company's proposed merger with Sirius. ...Read the whole story

  • Telemundo Goes Presidential: Offers 2 Debates Among Dems

    The leading Spanish-language networks, Univision and Telemundo, plan to take an active role in covering the 2008 presidential election. On Tuesday, Telemundo said it would go one step further--offering two debates among the Democratic candidates. ...Read the whole story

  • Long-Term Hispanic Trend: Spanish Less Important in Future?

    Immigration is no longer the main driver of growth in the U.S. Hispanic market. It has been surpassed by natural growth of the in-country population, according to a report from the Mercanti Group, an investment-banking firm that tracks Hispanic marketing issues. In the future, the trend will have big implications for advertisers trying to reach Hispanics with tailored marketing programs, including choice of language and media for delivery of ad messages. ...Read the whole story

  • NBC Says Goodbye: Phillips Leaves 'Dateline'

    High-profile NBC "Dateline" anchor Stone Phillips is leaving the prime-time news magazine that he's been with for the past 15 years. Phillips' contract reportedly was not renewed. ...Read the whole story

  • Clean Sweep: Fox Will Win Season, May Sweeps

    Fox will end up winning the season and May sweeps when the official numbers tally 18-49 viewers. But the performance of one of its main shows, "24," will humble the network going into next season. ...Read the whole story

  • CAA Boosts Joost Brand Image

    Looking to ramp up its TV brand image, Joost, the high-quality Internet TV service, is signed with Creative Artists Agency. The goal is to give the company greater access to programming. ...Read the whole story

Media X: The New Consumer Niche, Shiftless

I am digitally disabled. Unable to shift time. Forced, like an old-media sucker, to watch what they want me to watch when they want me to watch it. And why? Because I hate my neighbors. And ...More