Friday, May 30, 2008
  • Moonves Upbeat About CBS Upfront

    CBS' chief executive Les Moonves believes this year's TV upfront advertising market will be a positive one--even if total dollars might be lower. "Scatter is still up by double-digit [increases] from [last year's] upfront," says Moonves, who remains "guardedly optimistic" about this network's take. ...Read the whole story

  • Ad Alert: TVB Accesses TV Season

    No matter what cable networks may tell you about the depressing broadcast TV season, the Television Bureau of Advertising wants you to know that broadcast accounted for 486 of the top 500 rated shows. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Mad Men' Campaigns For Second Season In July

    In another example of cable's burgeoning acclaimed dramas taking advantage of broadcasters' summer down time, AMC will debut season two of "Mad Men" on Sunday, July 27. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Exchange Poised To Exchange Homes, Oscar Follows Verklin Out Carat's Door

    The Carat Digital Exchange, one of the most visible leading edge initiatives inside Aegis Group's Carat Americas unit over the past four years, is looking for a new home. In a note to an ad hoc group of exchange participants sent by email late Thursday night, founder and organizer Mitch Oscar said Carat was disbanding the project - though he hinted it would reappear somewhere soon, adding, "see you in September." ...Read the whole story

  • Census: TV Consumption Is Up

    The Census Bureau released some noteworthy details about the growth of American TV consumption in order to mark the "historic" February 2009 digital transition. The good news for the nets and advertisers: Since 2000, the number of hours people watch TV has increased. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumer Group Demands FCC Hearings on Satcaster Merger

    The Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio, composed mostly of XM and Sirius subscribers as well as "volunteers," is attacking the merger based on confidential documents it says were filed by Sirius with the Federal Communications Commission. ...Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: 'TV Guide' On Upswing

    After 15 consecutive quarters of losses, TV Guide magazine returned to profitability during the first quarter, according to publisher Scott Crystal, who noted the milestone came alongside substantial increases in total audience, as measured by MRI, as well as ad pages at the magazine. ...Read the whole story

Brandtique: 'My Name is Earl," Klondike

On a recent episode of NBC comedy "My Name is Earl," arguably both the best and worst of branded integration were showcased. The best: a somewhat dormant brand was thrust back into viewer consciousness. The worst: ...More