Friday, June 27, 2008
  • Media Company Supplying More In-House TV Shows

    Parent companies are increasing the amount of shows on their broadcast networks. But a Bernstein analyst says it's a "double-edged sword." When a network and its affiliated studio own a hit, "ancillary returns" can be bountiful, but owned shows that fail dramatically may chip into those revenues. ...Read the whole story

  • Given Fallout, If SAG Strikes, Summer Is Best Time

    Another possible TV strike is not good news for advertisers and media buyers--except for one thing. It's the summer, and TV viewers might not notice. ...Read the whole story

  • News Flash: Cable Coverage Beats Broadcast

    Fueled by this year's presidential race, cable news channels now command a leading 58% share to broadcast network news programs' 42% share. In the battle among the cable news channels, Fox News still maintains its dominant lead. ...Read the whole story

  • No Shelter from the Storm: Home Mags Lashed by Economy

    The downturn in the housing market is taking a big bite out of shelter titles, which are suffering vertigo-inducing drops in ad pages, with a few lucky exceptions. Out of 16 titles surveyed, 12 saw ad pages fall between the first half of 2007 and the comparable period in 2008; of these, seven titles were hit with double-digit declines. ...Read the whole story

  • Net Worth: More Execs Prefer Internet For Info

    Business executives are abandoning newspapers like The Wall Street Journal in favor of the Internet as their primary source of business information, according to a new survey by and Gartner. ...Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: Zinio Creates Resource Center

    Zinio is creating an online resource center to educate publishers about digital magazines, including creating digital editions of their own titles. Announced at the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference in New York, Zinio hopes the new online center will help convince publishers to create digital editions by highlighting their various advantages, including interactive ads and high reader engagement. It will also provide suggestions for best practices and industry standards. ...Read the whole story