Wednesday, March 18, 2009
  • Newspapers Expand Digital Platforms

    Unfazed by the sharp economic downturn and their own financial woes, newspaper publishers are pushing ahead with initiatives to expand their cooperative digital distribution and ad sales platforms. On the sales side, the latest round of expansion comes at QuadrantOne, which hired sales and marketing managers. ...Read the whole story

  • No Go: Audit Bureau Delays Conference

    The recession is cutting a wide swath through the event business, with a series of industry conferences and trade shows canceled due to concern about costs. The latest casualty is the annual conference planned by the Audit Bureau of Circulations for November 2009 in Toronto. ...Read the whole story

  • March Madness Slam Dunks YouTube

    Sunday evening 6 p.m. EST was liftoff for Matt Carstens. As soon as the 65 teams in the NCAA tournament were announced, he scrambled to launch a March Madness YouTube channel in a matter of hours. ...Read the whole story

  • 'T'-icked Off: Font Front In The Information War

    The New York Times Co. isn't happy that Newser decides to use its iconic "T" to denote content from the times. What's a letter worth? If you are The New York Times Co., scrapping for your place in a new world, the answer is: quite a bit. ...Read the whole story

  • Fired Up: Discovery Sues Amazon Over Kindle

    Discovery is suing Amazon for copyright infringement for its popular Kindle and Kindle 2 electronic book delivery system, claiming it is the first inventor of a modern-day delivery device for electronic books. Discovery didn't disclose a dollar amount in its filings, only that according to its general counsel executives, it "is entitled to fair compensation." ...Read the whole story

  • Fandango Movie Tix Available To Dish Customers

    Frenemies have emerged once again in the multichannel provider space. Customers of satellite operator Dish Network can now purchase movie tickets via Fandango with their remote controls using an interactive on-screen offering. is owned by Comcast. ...Read the whole story

  • Obama Touts Economic Plans On 'Tonight'

    When President Obama makes an appearance on "The Tonight Show," it will mark the first time a current president will be on a late-night gabfest. ...Read the whole story

  • Playboy Embraces Reality Shows

    Most people probably think Playboy TV is still an endless loop of Miss March in the shower. This is because the channel, which offers subscription and VOD options, has never staged a full-scale external effort to promote its programming. That changes in April with the "A Better Reality Awaits" campaign, aimed at hawking its uncensored reality shows. ...Read the whole story

  • Syndies Pick Up Viewers, 'Doctors' Gets Boost
Media X: Play Rough

Media agency executives should be doing interviews where they observe that a fourth-grader could write a sandwich commercial, but it takes real talent to craft a communications plan. I mean a real plan, not a gimmick ...More