Thursday, April 23, 2009
  • Sited: Gannett Forms Digital Media Network

    Looking to get into the digital ad network game, Gannett Co. announced the formation of the Gannett Digital Media Network. The company said it will tie together more than 100 digital communities with a combined reach of approximately 25 million people. ...Read the whole story

  • U-verse TV Adds Subscribers, Challenges Cable Rivals

    After some delay, AT&T may finally be making strides with what it hoped it do with the launch of its U-verse TV service: challenge cable's successful triple play. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Out-of-Home: Future Is Limitless

    Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Schematic, says digital out-of-home is in its early, inchoate stages -- and anything could happen. "We're extremely excited about the creative possibilities that come out of DOH," Kaufman says. "But we're not there yet." ...Read the whole story

  • Can't See the Forest For TV: DOH Metrics Must Fulfill Separate Goals

    Digital out-of-home video is on the horns of a dilemma, or maybe it has trouble seeing the forest for the trees (choose your metaphor) when it comes to measurement methods. Creating an OVAB metric is the first step. ...Read the whole story

  • Univision Kicks Off Ad-Ready Platform

    Looking to jump-start sales on its Web platforms, Univision is turning to a service that allows advertisers with limited budgets to place banner ads online, by doing little more than uploading a logo and typing in a credit card number to pay. ...Read the whole story

  • 'American Idol,' 'Loser' Continue Solid Performances

    Another Tuesday; another "American Idol" win. NBC is holding on with "The Biggest Loser," but ABC and CBS have little to cheer about. ...Read the whole story

  • Inwindow Takes 'Best In Show' For 'Coraline' At Digital Awards Showd

    Inwindow Outdoor took "Best in Show" during MediaPost's first Digital Out-of-Home Media Awards ceremony Wednesday evening in New York. Inwindow, which took top honors for an imaginative campaign developed for client Laika Studios' equally imaginative movie "Coraline," also won two of the awards program's 17 categories - "Best National Campaign;" and "Best Use Of Interactive Technology" - for the campaign, which took over vacant storefronts in highly trafficked locations in key markets utilizing digital screens, motion-detection and virtual reality technologies that superimposed "Coraline's" distinctive button eyes over the reflected images of the real eyes of pedestrians passing by. ...Read the whole story