Thursday, May 3, 2012
  • TV Universe Continues To Contract, Nielsen Attributes Declines To Census, Technology Too

    Nielsen this morning released preliminary estimates for television's so-called "universe" -- the percentage of U.S. households with at least one conventional TV set capable of receiving at least one conventional TV signal -- and for the second year in a row, it has declined, albeit at a miniscule rate. Like last year's decline, Nielsen executives attribute some of the reduction to changes in the U.S. Census's estimates for the number and composition of U.S. households, which the TV universe estimates are based on, but they say at least part of it is a function of changes in the media technology ... ...Read the whole story

  • NBC TV Records 37% Gains

    The NBC network and TV stations witnessed strong advertising growth in the first quarter of 2012 -- with or without the Super Bowl. But higher programming and other costs left NBC in an out-of-profit position for the period. NBC broadcast revenue, reported by Comcast Corp., its majority owner, grew 37% in the period to $1.85 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Time Warner Revs Rise, Cable Nets Solid Performers

    Although Time Warner cable network TNT continues to take a hit in its overall prime-time ratings, revenues for its cable networks division, including HBO, continue to climb. Time Warner's networks rose 3% to $3.6 billion in the first quarter ...Read the whole story

  • GeoEdge Analytics Tackles Ad Image Quandary For Global Publishers, Ad Networks

    Visibility to actually view where ads surface on Web sites has been an issue for publishers and advertisers trying to keep track of performance. GeoEdge has developed an analytics platform giving publishers, ad networks and media buyers a tool to capture and analyze any ad displayed on Web sites around the world. ...Read the whole story

  • Sirius XM Counts Record Subs

    Satellite radio broadcaster Sirius XM has recruited a record number of subscribers, growing 8.3% to 22.3 million for the first quarter. Total revenues jumped from $724 million to $805 million over the same time period ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: Americans Love TV, Viewing Options Change

    Nielsen data indicates that Americans continue to love the traditional TV set, but their ways of watching TV content are changing. The average American watches close to five hours of video a day -- 98% on a traditional TV set. But gaming consoles, for one, offer a "secondary gateway" for content and are available in 45% of TV homes. ...Read the whole story

  • Lifetime Changes Tag, Graphics To Augment Content Revamps

    Looking to further transform itself into a sleeker, perhaps more urbane women-targeted network, Lifetime has pushed out new graphics, a logo and tag line. ...Read the whole story

  • Trulia Extends Realtor Ads To Mobile

    With more people using smartphones while shopping for homes, Trulia is launching a mobile ad platform to help real estate agents reach in-market home buyers on their devices. Trulia Mobile Ads will allow agents to buy display advertising within a particular ZIP code to generate leads through a click-to-call feature. ...Read the whole story

  • Armato Moves From Skechers To Leverage Agency
Uncommon Sense: A Rose By Any Other Name

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