Thursday, May 31, 2012
  • Driving The Upfront: Selling Begins For Movie, Auto Companies

    Movie and auto companies sprang into upfront action for the 2012-2013 season at two networks: Fox and ABC. Price hikes were expected in the mid- to high-single-digit percentage gains for program deals. Other advertisers are still on the sidelines. ...Read the whole story

  • Univision To Launch AM Radio Network

    Univision will launch a national, Spanish-language AM radio network featuring local, national and international news. The new network, Univision America, will include AM stations in nine major Univision markets: Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, McAllen, TX, El Paso, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. ...Read the whole story

  • Lionsgate Develops Broadcast Shows, Debuts Sheen's 'Anger' On FX

    A month before the Charlie Sheen-starring "Anger Management" debuts on FX, producer Lionsgate said international distribution is already garnering more than $600,000 an episode in five territories. The show will launch with 10 episodes starting June 28. If certain FX ratings thresholds are met, a trigger kicks in for the production of 90 more. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable Prime Time, News Nets Endure Viewer Drops

    In prime time, ESPN sank 26% in overall viewership -- now averaging 1.56 million viewers; A&E Network slipped 3% to 1.2 million; HGTV lost 5% to 1.0 million; Discovery dropped 22% to 1.0 million; ABC Family was off 24%. ...Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: 'Dwell,' 'New York' Join Forces For Design Festival

    New York City has all the other weeks -- Fashion Week, Advertising Week, Internet Week --- so why not a design week? That seems to be the idea behind the partnership between 'Dwell' and 'New York,' which includes a week-long design festival celebrating New York, scheduled in October. ...Read the whole story

  • Internet TV Slow To Adapt In France, UK

    Internet-connected or smart TVs may be the coming wave of new consumer equipment, but actual usage of those special TV functions may be wanting -- at least in looking at early results in two major European countries. The report blames general lack of awareness about the technology. ...Read the whole story

  • Music Festivals Solid Venue For Brand Marketing

    New research from Havas concludes that sponsor awareness and recall among music festival fans is "high" -- which might surprise some, given the widely held perception that many fans who imbibe in alcoholic beverages and various other substances at such events barely remember any experience. ...Read the whole story

Point That Finger In The Other Direction

I can't think of another industry with as much dysfunctional interdependence as the television business. The programmers need and hate the carriers, advertisers need and hate the networks, and everyone needs but hates their cable company. ...More