Results for November 2008

Is It A Good Tweet Or A Bad One?
I mentioned Twitter the other night at a dinner party I hosted -- and the facial responses around the table gave me a good laugh. The marketers and technologists all perked up with interest and delight, while the lobbyists and lawyers tried to hide their disapproving looks. But regardless of what folks think of Twitter, or if they use it, the micro-blogging service is having a direct impact on traffic to Web sites and the reputations of companies.» 0 Comments
Depression-Era Digital
Many of us in the digital space are hoping that we are somewhat insulated from the broader economic malaise. For example, while Internet advertising growth may slow in 2009, digital media is still the place where the grass is greener. (Just ask the newspaper publishers and radio broadcasters. ) But the extent to which the Internet has gone mainstream--and Main Street--means that it is inevitable that the effects of an economic slowdown will be felt online. One place where we're seeing that slowdown already is in eCommerce.» 0 Comments
Web Analytics -- From The Top
The single most frequently asked question I get about Web analytics is, "Where do I get started?" It's a fair question and one I am always happy to hear. It means more people are becoming interested in improving their online results and giving their customers a better online experience.» 0 Comments
ComScore Weighs In On View-Through Proof
ComScore announced Monday some new proof on the efficacy of view-through as a key performance indicator for Web advertising.» 0 Comments
When Marketing Drags Down Earnings: A Case Study In Failed Expectation Management
It can't feel good to be the head of marketing at SK Telecom lately. With even the Wall Street Journal proclaiming that, in effect, you're squandering shareholder value, the board meetings must be pretty uncomfortable. Safe to assume that the recruiters aren't calling either.» 0 Comments
Putting Engagement To Work
At the AAAA Media Conference in 2005, P&G's Chief Marketing Officer Jim Stengel prognosticated, and I'm paraphrasing, "In 10 years we'll be evaluating media buys based on engagement." Within days, "engagement" was the hottest buzz word in media. Councils were formed, papers writ, models developed, products built, all specifically to provide insight into media's new most important metric.» 0 Comments
Time For A Single-Pixel Solution?
Last Friday, Jim Stern wrote in this blog about the difficulty of getting people to undertake the measurement process -- and the difficulty in getting tags (pixels) up. We've all run into these issues. I recognize that the current time is such that getting your work done every day is the biggest issue. But it is also a chance for change. And if we can vote to change a whole country, we can certainly consider rebooting our tagging systems and creating something newer and simpler.» 0 Comments