• Does Mobile Social Mean Print Will Swap Dollars For Nickels?
    Print publishers have already swapped dollars for dimes in the move to desktop. It's hard to see the switch to mobile bringing in anything other than a further swap of dimes for nickels.
  • How Google, eBay, Reddit Gain Speedier Mobile Page Load Times From AMP
    Google began including general Web search results in its Accelerated Mobile Pages project to improve the mobile experience for Shopify merchants with plans in the next few weeks to roll it out to select merchants participating in the test pilot.
  • Digital Marketers Are SO Immature!
    A clear majority of digital brands consider themselves to be pretty immature, according to fresh findings from Adobe, which surveyed 735 digital pros in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.
  • Mobile To Slow Growth For Ecommerce Holiday Spending
    Consumers tend to spend less on mobile devices than on desktop, which will lead to slower ecommerce growth this holiday season. On average, consumers spend roughly 22% less on mobile than on desktop, according to a recent report.
  • 87% Of Millennials Use Mobile Banking; Security Still Top Barrier
    Consumer expectations have both an upside and a downside for the growth of mobile payments. Many studies have shown that there are various barriers to masses of consumers jumping onto the mobile payments bandwagon. While retailers have been gradually upgrading sales terminals to be able to accept various mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, consumers with capable phones are still reluctant to give up paying by cash or credit card.
  • Is Instagram Approaching Ad Glut?
    Whether its users like it or not, Instagram has gotten very cozy with Madison Avenue and the broader business community. In the past six months, in fact, the social network has more than doubled its ad base to roughly half a million brands.
  • Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
    People are seriously pumped for the presidential debates. To harness some of this excitement, Twitter will stream Bloomberg Television's live broadcast of the brawls directly on its platform.
  • Latest Apple Gadgets Lack 'Wow' Factor
    The iPhone 7 might not be shiny and new enough to sufficiently brighten Apple's struggling hardware outlook. The latest iPhone is a lot like the last several iterations -- but with a new water-resistant shell, dual camera system, stereo speakers, and a darker black color scheme.
  • Put Your AirHands Together For The iPhone7
    There are hundreds of millions of smartphones out there -- and tens of millions of people who have no big urge to upgrade right now.
  • Amazon Dash? Wouldn't Smarter Mobile Shopping Lists Be Better?
    The fact that the Amazon Dash button exists shows that the Internet of Things is limited. Wouldn't smart supermarket shopping lists be better?
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