• Ready For The Mobile Tipping Point?
    In 2016, a larger percentage of email opens will take place on a mobile device than on a desktop, according to predictions. What does this mean for email marketers? It's time to put forth a better experience. Here are five awesome ways to enhance the customer email experience on mobile phones.
  • The Trump-ification Of 2016: The Super Bowl Implodes
    Like our politics this year, the advertising around Super Bowl 50 may be sad indications of institutional decline - just how detached the rituals have become from their original purpose.
  • Email: King Of The Smartphone
    Several design changes will likely transform the iOS user experience when the iPhone 7 is released in the fall, but email will continue to dominate smartphone use.
  • Optimize SMS Response
    A recent study by Experian found that those who subscribe to both email and SMS were four times more likely to transact with a particular brand than subscribers to email alone. This is somewhat a self-fulfilling prophecy; your super fans are more likely to engage via multiple channels.
  • IAB: Digital, Mobile Rival TV As Political Info Source
    Digital media has reached parity with TV as a primary information source about presidential candidates, says the IAB. Primary users of online digital media are also more likely to take action after being served a political ad.
  • The New Reach Of Beacons: Broadway, Rite-Aid, Sales Terminals
    Beacons may be the most pervasive connected devices that consumers experience in the near future. A couple of years in the making, beacons are now starting to be rolled out in some serious scale. Last week at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, Verifone said that going forward, its point-of-sale terminals would have beacons from Footmarks built in.
  • The Big Picture In 2016 Will Really Be The Small Screen
    There will be lots of predictions for the year ahead, but nothing seems to be as pivotal as recognizing how much mobile video viewing is exploding.
  • Wake Up And Smell The Apps
    If you're in the mobile game, 2016 is more about apps than ever before. Just consider the numbers. By the end of the year, the app economy is on track to reach $143 billion, according to a new report from ACT | The App Association, based on data from research2guidance, AppNation, and VisionMobile.
  • Mcommerce Positioned For Big 2016
    Coming off a breakout holiday season, mcommerce is poised for a bang-up 2016 according to a growing body of forecasts, including a new one from Bizrate Insights -- a unit of Connexity, the marketing services company formerly known to the world as Shopzilla.
  • CES Product Introductions Highlight The Blurring Of The Lines
    Some of the innovations unveiled at CES this year show that The Internet of Things is causing some of the lines to blur. The idea of one device doing one thing is often falling by the wayside. Or maybe more accurately, it's that a device designed to do one thing is now branching out into other areas. With so many connections and so many capabilities that can be baked into products and services, it's only natural that an entity can expand its products so that they begin to overlap someone else's.
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