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It's All Happening At The Zoo
As a child in the '60s, I found going to the Bronx Zoo a special treat--because the animals talked there. Many of the locations and featured animal attractions had these voice boxes. If I remember correctly, you purchased a key that activated narration in these units and told you about the animal, habitat, etc. Last week, some 40 years later, I felt a touch of that same magic coming from my next-gen phones. Objects, not animals, seemed ready to find their voice.» 0 Comments
Wait For The SMS Version
My daughter is going to hate me for this. I really, really didn't like her favorite film of the summer....» 0 Comments
Merely Tolerable
Like all young Turks in nascent industries, we in the mobile world tend to be myopic and self-involved, always in need of remembering that the rest of the world is not hip deep in our own innovations....» 0 Comments