Results for August 2012

Leaning In Halfway: Being Tablet-Friendly
The smartest tablet-friendly Web sites seem to be thinking harder than most about what this emerging, unique tablet mode may be. If we are somewhere between lean-in and lean-back, what kind of content experience do we want?» 0 Comments
Mobility Illustrated: Comcast Xfinity Gets The Apple Vibe? Really?
Well, maybe their agency Goodby Silverstein gets the Apple vibe, mainly. But we shouldn't let this superb vision of an interconnected future pass by without props.» 0 Comments
How To Monetize Mobile? Stop Thinking Of It As 'Mobile'
Everyone seems to be looking to mobile for a "digital do-over" that avoids the mistakes of Web advertising.» 3 Comments
It's About The Experience, Now
At Day 1 of the Mobile Insider Summit, Wells Fargo, NHL and Lowe's all showed how focused mobile-forward brands are on getting the experience right first and foremost.» 1 Comments
Can Female Programmers Crack The Creepiness Of Friend Finder App?
It is an interesting and always contested proposition that gender bias gets built into some media and technology. And it begs the question -- can female programmers better address the privacy squishiness in some LBS apps?» 1 Comments
Mobile Purchase Paths Are Still Product-Specific
New research shows how mobile platforms play different roles in the path to purchase according to category. But we also need to be aware of how that path now courses back and forth across displays.» 1 Comments
Trend Becomes Reflex: Mobile Evolving As The Here-And-Now Medium
As mobile devices weave their way into everyday living, smart marketers will stop looking at top-line trends and start looking for the places where smartphones become a part of ritual behaviors.» 2 Comments
Potpourri: iAd Redux, Brand Flash Cards, An Infinite Trailer, And Elvis Too
Is is summer catch-up time. A few of these little but good ideas in mobile media and marketing have been accumulating here on our phone and tablet decks in recent weeks.» 0 Comments
Design Or Die: Amazon Keeps Near-Missing Its Netflix And Apple Challenge
Amazon keeps missing the opportunity to pull me away from spending my media dollars on Netflix and Apple film and video products. And it all comes down to poor design.» 0 Comments