• Heartbleed Bug Prompts Tech Giants To Donate $3.6 Million To Support Open-Source Projects

    A dozen technology companies -- including Intel, IBM, Facebook, and Google -- have stepped up to pledge $3.6 million to help maintain under-funded open-source software projects that are important to the global computing infrastructure supported by OpenSSL. ...Read the whole story

  • More Smartphone Purchasers Considering Price

    "[Smartphone selection] is typically led with something that's different that no one else has," Kirk Parsons, senior director of telecommunications services at J.D. Power, tells "Marketing Daily." "It's becoming less and less so because the leap in technology is less advanced." ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Video Offers Ads Get Most Clicks

    As more people turn to handheld screens to watch clips, TV shows, trailers, the emerging mobile video category is growing quickly. That activity has spurred a parallel rise in mobile video advertising, expected to reach almost $1.5 billion this year. But the user experience is often less than optimal, especially when a device isn't connected to Wi-Fi. ...Read the whole story

  • Weather Channel App Gets Extreme Makeover

    The Weather Channel launches a radical redesign of its popular iPhone app. With a new feed-like interface and additional features, the app has also included a large native ad unit. ...Read the whole story

  • Number Of Mobile RTB Auctions Increased 132% In Q1

    Competition for biddable ad inventory in mobile heated up significantly last quarter, according to mobile real-time bidding ad exchange Smaato. The company on Thursday released its global mobile RTB Insights Report Q1 2014. Smaato noticed a substantial increase in demand during Q1 2014 compared to Q4 2013. The company says the total number of auctions increased by 132% quarter-over-quarter. The number of bid responses (demand) increased by 73%. ...Read the whole story

  • AOL Debuts App Download Ad Format

    AOL is joining other big Internet firms like Facebook and Twitter in rolling out app download ads. The Web portal on Thursday introduced a native mobile ad unit that will run across its owned-and-operated sites like TechCrunch and Huffington Post as well as its network of 20,000 third-party publishers. ...Read the whole story

  • XappMedia Raises $3 Million For Launch Of Interactive Audio Ads For Mobile Apps

    XappMedia has raised $3 million for its debut of interactive audio ads for mobile apps that allow the listener to respond and immediately engage with more content from the advertiser. Xapp co-founder and CEO Pat Higbie says the company is "focused on new consumer behavior, called ultra-mobile, where the consumer is listening to apps because their hands and eyes are doing something else." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Revs Soar 72% On Mobile Gains

    For now, mobile advertising continues to be Facebook's big moneymaker. Ads served on devices made up 59% of Facebook's ad sales in the first quarter, pushing overall revenue up 72% in the period. That's up from 63% in the prior quarter. Facebook's $2.27 billion in advertising sales surged 82% in the quarter from a year ago -- and from 76% in the fourth quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • Post Honeycomb Instagram Push Features Teen Idol

    Each Monday between April 21 and May 26, Honeycomb's Instagram page, @HoneycombCereal, will announce a new challenge. Fans can enter by uploading their photos or videos using #HoneycombShine. ...Read the whole story

  • Amobee Taps Barker, Long To Grow European Operations

    Mobile ad firm Amobee, which has a demand-side platform (DSP), on Wednesday announced the appointments of two execs to help support the company's growth in Europe. David Barker has been appointed senior vice president and managing director for EMEA ad solutions. Barker joins from Nokia, where he served as global head of channel advertising and director of interactive advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • RealPlayer Cloud App Lets Users Watch Videos On Any Device/Screen

    Random iPhone App of the week: Think of the RealPlayer Cloud as a Dropbox for your videos. The free app allows users to privately share videos with friends and family, back content up in the cloud, and watch or download videos onto any device or screen. RealPlayer Cloud is compatible with Chromecast and Roku, so users can watch videos on TV, home-movie style. The app offers 2GB of storage for free and additional storage can be purchased in-app. Download the free app here. ...Read the whole story

How To Market An App To A Teenager

Today's teens are a mobile-first generation. They tweet and Snapchat and send over 60 emoji-laden text messages a day. According to Pew, 58% of teens have downloaded apps to their smartphone, and apps like WeChat, Vine, and Instagram take top spots for popularity. So when we set out to launch a mobile app that combines 15 seconds of sound with any digital image, we knew that winning over teens would be essential to our success. Eight months in, we've learned some important lessons about marketing an app to teens. Here are the six keys to success. ...More

  • Mobile Shopping & the Growth of Power Users

    I've been monitoring the gap between power and novice users for some time, since the market direction could have a direct impact on mobile commerce. For example, more shoppers using apps vs. mobile websites can affect how retailers develop and introduce mobile shopping innovations to their customers. It also can help determine how much resource merchants devote to apps or mobile websites. ...More

  • The Reality Of RTB & Today's Mobile Ad Tech Landscape

    Much has been made of the use of premium inventory vs. performance inventory on RTB platforms. Some detractors claim that RTB traffic is worthless and that DSPs are polluting their premium traffic with remnant inventory that costs the same but doesn't convert. This may have been true of RTB platforms in their early days. But now, especially in the case of mobile, RTB has proven itself as both a branding tool and a way to engage consumers in the context of relevant content in real-time. ...More

  • Is Your Media Plan Ready For The YouTube Generation?

    Much of the growth in mobile video has been driven by the YouTube generation - some 40% of all YouTube's traffic comes from tablets and smartphones now - and that trend shows no signs of stopping. While that's great for YouTube, it's not so great for the marketers that desperately want to reach that audience, but are either unwilling or unable to take advantage of the myriad mobile video platforms that deliver said audience on a silver platter. To illustrate, many of the top-ranked apps in the Apple App/Google Play stores have the ability to deliver broader reach than a ...More

  • Facebook Organic Slashing Really Was All About Mobile Revenues After All

    As Facebook announces that the majority of its ad revenue comes from mobile, for the first time, it's vindication for those who have long argued that its constant slashing of organic results for brands among their own followers is all about mobile. With little screen space to play with, Facebook is selling the news feeds of its users, ironically often to brands whom they actually 'like.' It's a sleight of hand that hasn't gone unnoticed but appears to be pushing the social media giant to close the gap on Google for mobile advertising revenue. ...More

  • Available Inventory, Clicks And 'Premium' All Growing In Mobile

    Vserv.mobi, a mobile ad network that has recently repositioned itself as a mobile ad exchange, on Wednesday released some data on the "state of [its] exchange." Keep in mind this is just one exchange -- and one that has only supported real-time bidding for about a month -- but the mini report gives us a good look into the type of growth mobile is seeing. Vserv says that in the past year, its amount of inventory has increased by 82%. The company says 14% of the ads on its exchange are now available for RTB. We can surmise that figure ...More

  • Mobile Shopping Technologies & the Challenge of Consumer Adoption

    The biggest push for mass acceptance of mobile shopping technologies may have less to do with the technology and more to do with consumer education. Most consumers are either unaware or basically not interested in various commerce aspects ranging from in-store tracking like Apple's iBeacon to payment technologies like NFC (near field communication), based on a new study. ...More