• Opera Mediaworks Taps Hunt For Hispanic Mobile Reach

    Mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks is boosting its reach among U.S. Hispanics through the integration of Hunt Mobile Ads, a mobile ad network focused on Latin America that also reaches U.S. Hispanics through a number of premium publishers. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Sees Modest Ad Gain In Q1

    Yahoo still awaits a turnaround in 2014. But the Web giant on Tuesday reported a modest revenue gain in the fourth quarter after four straight quarters without growth. The company's revenue, minus traffic acquisition costs, was up 1% from a year ago to $1.09 billion, with display ad sales increasing 2% in the quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • MoPub Gives Mobile Exchange Users Access To BlueKai's Data Well

    In-app ads have risen to the top of a mobile marketer's to-do list, but MoPub thinks app developers don't have access to enough data to make the ads as effective as they could be. In hopes of taking in-app advertising to the next level, the mobile ad exchange has partnered with BlueKai, the Oracle-owned data management platform (DMP). ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Ad Market Struggles To Connect With Users

    Marketers have high expectations for mobile advertising, but investments still trail the media's potential. Most marketers still don't see great performance and have difficulty justifying budgets. They don't understand the unique attributes and resist the tendency to create processes requiring fewer tasks. ...Read the whole story

Can Amazon Learn To Swing From Spider-Man?

In buying digital comics pioneer ComiXology last week, Amazon continued to signal that it's interested in revising and enhancing the media experience as it expands its distribution and publishing muscle. ...More

  • Mobile In-Store Shopping: It's a Process

    The influence of mobile on shopping behavior continues to become clearer every day. No matter the geography, smartphones and tablets are having a profound impact on how people act while in a store or deciding to make a purchase. ...More

  • Catching The Drift: Online Video Views Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago

    Year over year, Americans watched nearly 50% more videos, and nearly 150% more video ads, comScore figures reveal. The drift to online video is so quick and natural it's almost possible to miss the exciting NBC News announcement of its proud, co-produced daily online series, "15 Seconds To Truth." ...More

  • Older Generations Warming Up To Mobile Local Search

    Some 47% of consumers searched for local restaurants on a mobile device in the past 30 days, followed by 44% for pizza and 38% for retail stores, per a survey from the Local Search Association (LSA) and Thrive Analytics. ...More

  • Mobile Grocery Shoppers: 'Save Me Time & Money'

    Mobile savvy shoppers seem to know what they do and don't want in their shopping experience. They want mobile technology that makes them faster and more efficient, based on a new study. ...More