Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  • Facebook's Revenue Soars 61% On Mobile Ads

    Facebook found its mobile mojo this past quarter, reporting earnings Wednesday of $0.42 per share, excluding one-time items, on revenue of $2.91 billion -- up 61% from the year-ago quarter, thanks to its mobile ad business. ...Read the whole story

  • Parent Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Google For In-App Purchases

    A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit accusing Google of allowing young children to rack up credit card charges by making in-app purchases. A New York resident can proceed with allegations that Google's app-store practices resulted in unjust enrichment and that the company breached its duty of good faith. ...Read the whole story

  • Foursquare Debuts Local Recommendation Service, App Logo

    As part of a major reinvention, Foursquare unveiled its new local recommendation service. The preview follows Foursquare's recent decision to divide itself into two distinct apps: a new app named Swarm, which let users check into physical locations and become the "mayor" of their local bar, and another more Yelp-like service, which is taking the Foursquare name. ...Read the whole story

  • Bush's Baked Beans Launches 'Bean Dash' App

    Random iPhone App of the week: Bush's Baked Beans created "Bush's Bean Dash," an app that allows players to help Jay avoid obstacles while collecting beans and ingredients for the entire line of Bush's Baked Bean flavors. Jay's beloved dog Duke will offer advice and clues along the journey. I wonder if he'll spill the beans and share Bush's secret family recipe? The game has a very retro feel to it -- think Super Mario Brothers back in the day -- and three different zones to travel through: the farm, barn and countryside. Jay must gather recipe ingredients while jumping ... ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Improves Mobile Ad Targeting To Specific Devices

    Facebook has announced a unique improvement to its mobile ad-targeting powers. Advertisers and developers will soon be able to reach the owners of specific mobile devices, from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 5s. The change should also put users of Facebook's Mobile App Ads in a better position to identify which devices are working best for theirs apps. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Acquires drawElements, Keeping Tighter Reins On Hardware

    Google has acquired Helsinki, Finland-based drawElements in a move to improve on its mobile 3D graphics services. The startup focuses on optimizing complex graphics and reduces fragmentation between mobile device hardware. The technology can double-check the manufacturing process to keep quality standards high. ...Read the whole story

  • Expion Relaunches Social Marketing Platform: Integrates Data, Offers More Customized View

    Silo-like thinking can be the bane of any form of marketing that requires the integration of multiple disciplines, but when it comes to social marketing campaigns, where different areas of expertise -- social community management, content creation, brand management, etc. -- must come together as a unified whole in or near real-time, it can be devastating. In a move to get the entire social marketing organization on the same page, Expion today will unveil a new version of its social relationship and content marketing platform that seeks to bring the pieces together in a unified way. ...Read the whole story

  • Connected TV Device Market Set To Explode

    If you don't have a streaming media player (or two) by now, it's likely you will in the next few years. According to the NPD Group, the number of streaming media devices in the U.S. will reach 204 million by 2017, an increase of 100% and a total that will be more than double the number of projected households connected to the Internet. ...Read the whole story

  • Clear Channel Taps AdsWizz For iHeartRadio Audio Ads
  • Facebook Launches Save Feature
  • Nexage, Matomy, Others Partner With AppAudience For Mobile Data
Aereo Asks 10th Circuit To Lift Injunction, Says DVR Service Legal

Aereo might have been shot down by the Supreme Court, but the startup isn't yet ready to close up shop. Not only is Aereo trying to convince regulators and the courts that it's now a "cable ...More