Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  • CNet Unveils Mobile Shopping App For Android Phones

    CNet has launched a new consumer electronics shopping application for Android-powered phones. The free Scan & Shop app offers editor and user reviews, product details and comparison pricing data among local and online retailers. It also allows users to create wish lists of coveted gadgets and sign up for alerts notifying them when a product's price drops to a certain level, as well as product scans with friends via email or postings to Twitter and Facebook. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Lays Out Display Ad Democratization Strategy

    Google wants to simplify the process of buying and selling display advertising across the Web in 2010, and has set up a strategy to achieve the goal. Display advertising is on track to become one of the next key specialties out of Mountain View. ...Read the whole story

  • Paris Hilton Forges Intimate Relationship With Consumers

    Paris Hilton is using her line of hair and beauty products to reach out and touch someone: primping teenage girls. While the campaign featured on her new line of hair and beauty products aims to create long-term bonds between consumers and the notoriously commitment phobic heiress, it also creates the means to generate leads for future promotions. ...Read the whole story

  • Text Answer Firm, Warner Bros. In Promo Deal

    Text answer company kgb542542 has entered into a cross-marketing deal with the upcoming Warner Brothers release, "Sherlock Holmes." The multiplatform program will include television advertising, an online contest, national radio advertising and a mobile text promotion. ...Read the whole story

  • Court Rules Evidence Against Telecoms Insufficient To Show Collusion

    The major U.S. wireless companies may have raised text messaging fees at around the same time, but that doesn't mean they conspired to fix prices, a judge has ruled. The case encompassed several consumer class-action lawsuits filed against Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile last year, shortly after prices climbed to 20 cents per message. ...Read the whole story

    For Bing, Too, There's Now An App For That

    The search engine wars continue to heat up between Microsoft and Google. And now Microsoft has entered the mobile market with an iPhone application aimed at those searching for a little more Bing, and a little ...More