Friday, September 17, 2010
  • Mobile App Ads To Soar To $8B By 2015

    Mobile apps advertising will rocket to more than $8 billion in five years. Why? Because three in five computer devices will be able to receive such advertising by 2015. ...Read the whole story

  • Pepsi's Kaufman Talks About The PepsiCo10

    "This is very different approach, bringing young entrepreneurs and partnering with them to help them create a sustainable business model. It's about getting involved in innovation, not just putting our name on something. ... We are trying to add value. We are also trying to inspire new thinking and innovation. So I think it works not only to cultivate great platforms but also to find new ways to connect consumers." ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen, ABC's 'Generation' In Sync With iPad

    ABC and Nielsen have linked on an initiative to make the iPad part of the "live" TV viewing experience. While tuning into the new ABC drama "My Generation," iPad users can simultaneously engage with content related -- not just to the show, but what's happening on the TV screen right then. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo's Ambitious Plan To Change Search

    Yahoo previewed features and functions Thursday scheduled for release this fall across its network of sites. During a product demonstration at its headquarters, the Sunnyvale, Calif. technology company focused on search, news and entertainment running on a variety of devices, including Apple's iPad. ...Read the whole story

  • ACA To FCC: Broadband Reclassification Will Harm Cable Providers

    A proposed plan to reclassify broadband access as a telecommunications service "will have an immediate and significant adverse economic impact on small broadband Internet providers," the American Cable Association is arguing in a new Federal Communications Commission filing. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Preps Newspaper Subscription Plan

    Although publishers have looked to Apple's iPad as a potential savior, Apple hasn't unveiled a standard system for allowing digital newspaper subscriptions to be delivered via the new reading device. But such a plan is in the works and may launch soon. ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Ad In 'New York Times' Features Barcodes

    Ford on Thursday kicked off a new combined print and mobile campaign for its Edge crossover in The New York Times that includes 2D barcodes in print ads providing access to Times articles on technology and style on their phones. ...Read the whole story

  • Company Sued Over 'Mobile Cookies'

    Three California residents have sued mobile ad technology company Ringleader Digital for allegedly violating their privacy with its media stamp, which the company describes as the "mobile equivalent of an online 'cookie.' " The lawsuit also names other companies including CNN, Medialets and, which allegedly worked with Ringleader. The plaintiffs allege that Ringleader is tracing their mobile activity for ad purposes without their permission. ...Read the whole story

  • Facing Stiff Competition, Microsoft Launches Mobile SDK
    T-Mobile Accused Of Blocking Texts

    A dispute between mobile marketing company EZ Texting and T-Mobile landed in court this morning, with EZ Texting alleging that the wireless carrier is blocking all messages to and from EZ Texting's short code. ...More

    • 'Places' Can Harness Mainstream For Location-Based Services

      The potential for marketers reaching teens through social location is huge. As the teen user base grows, marketers will have more ways to reach teens exactly where they are ... in real-time, in the real-world. ...More

    • Geico Taps the World Beyond Smartphones

      Yesterday Nielsen Mobile released a torrent of survey stats about mobile app usage and attitudes towards mobile advertising. The dominance of games, social networking, search and weather among mobile users was unsurprising. But the one set ...More