• Mobclix Adds Real-Time Bidding To Mobile Ad Exchange

    Real-time bidding has become a key feature of online ad exchanges, allowing advertisers to buy targeted ad impressions individually and instantaneously. Lately, real-time bidding (RTB) has been finding its way into mobile advertising as well. In that vein, mobile ad exchange Mobclix today announced it has started offering RTB for its ad inventory. ...Read the whole story

Shoppers Want Retailers To Be Mobilized

Just another friendly reminder to retailers: Your customers are way, way ahead of you when it comes to using mobile as a resource. Even my mobile-averse fiancée is ahead of most of you. And that is saying something. Whenever I hand her a phone in the car to look for directions or a local resource she still looks as if I 'd just handed her a rabid ferret. But she knows very well that I can get just about any product information we need on a smartphone. "Google it," she commands from the steam-cleaner aisle at Best Buy. ...More

  • Mobile Couponers

    According to a new study from IHL Group, reported by Marketing Charts, eight in 10 US mobile phone users currently uses or will use mobile text coupons within 24 months. The other two retail-related consumer mobile activities currently used by more than 20% of mobile phone subscribers are regular barcode and 2D barcode. Coupons on mobile screen only have 16% current engagement, but 38% planned engagement within the next 12 months, second only to text coupons in this category. ...More

  • Why Google Android 'Gingerbread' Supporting NFC Is Important To Advertisers

    Advertisers and marketers may not have heard of near field communications (NFC) technology, but the newest version of the Android phone, codename "Gingerbread," supports the chips. Google CEO Eric Schmidt talked about it Monday at the Web 2.0 Summit. As a tech geek writing about NFC for years, I know how the technology will open the door to innovative campaigns on mobile devices that many advertisers and marketers night not thought possible. ...More