• McDonald's Using Foursquare in N.Y. C.

    The campaign also spans Twitter, online and traditional media. Residents of nine metro areas are being encouraged to celebrate their home towns and engage in a friendly competition to win McCafé "parties" (beverage giveaways at McDonald's restaurants). ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Gaming Revs Expected To Triple By '16

    This development is spurred by the explosive growth in touchscreen smartphones as a gaming platform, coupled with the innovation among developers to create games that are simple to understand and play. "Developers have finally figured out what makes a good mobile game," ABI senior analyst Aapo Markkanen says. ...Read the whole story

  • TWC Screens Strong Earnings, Digital Critical To Future

    Following other cable operators, Time Warner Cable continues to see growth in Internet and voice customers -- while it loses older video consumers. This comes as Time Warner Cable, the second-largest U.S. cable operator, shows a strong earnings rise in its second-quarter 2011 -- a 23% rise to $420 million. ...Read the whole story

  • E-Readers Are For Boomers, Smartphones For Millennials

    There's a mobile device for every age group. New findings from media research firm Affinity suggest the growing range of connected gadgets entering the mainstream are attracting distinct audiences. The way it breaks down: E-readers are for baby boomers, PC tablets for Gen Xers, and smartphones for millennials. ...Read the whole story

  • Franken: AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Threatens Net Neutrality

    Sen. Al Franken, who is asking the government to block the proposed $39 billion merger, says the deal would create an effective duopoly with AT&T and Verizon controlling a combined 82% of the wireless market. The result is that consumers would be left with fewer alternative if their wireless carriers start discriminating against competitors, he says. ...Read the whole story

Watch Ad, Win Prize, Rinse and Repeat

I seem to have been writing this same story for the last decade. I wonder if it turns out differently this time. It always begins with advertisers hoping to trade ad views by consumers for fun, discounts or prizes. Whether it is the early Web scheme of crediting Web surfers with redeemable points for the ad banners they viewed or more recent attempts at offering rewards for viewing video spots at companies like beezag, the basic premise always seems appealing. Users are supposed to trade a small chunk of their attention and consciousness to a marketer in exchange for something ...More

  • For Netflix Viewers, OTT And Devices Rule

    That happened pretty fast. Just a couple of years ago I recall speaking with online video providers who were starting to distribute via emerging set-top boxes and laptop-to-TV interfaces like Boxee. Although they found the Web-to-TV path for online video promising, generally less than 2% of their clips were being viewed on TVs. Nielsen's latest study of how people are viewing Hulu and Netflix is remarkable in demonstrating how quickly a popular service can drive adoption of new distribution paths. ...More

  • Nintendo Plays With Video And AR Power

    I finally got my hands on Nintendo's 3DS last week, and it leaves me in pretty much the same place I have been regarding this fascinating company. It is forever dancing around the edges of the mainstream media and marketing ecosystem as it evolves in mobile and even in gaming. It innovates bravely in ways that would make other companies blanche (think touchscreen gaming on the DS, and motion controllers on low-res consoles in the Wii). It has been counted out and outmoded too many times to count in the past few decades. And yet even when it hits home ...More