• Apple Argues Consumers Not Harmed By Alleged Privacy Violations

    Apple is again urging a judge to dismiss a lawsuit by iPhone and iPad users who allege their privacy was violated when their devices' unique identifiers -- 40-character strings of letters and numbers -- were transmitted to app developers and their affiliates. ...Read the whole story

  • Embattled Motricity Shutters Asia Operations, Restructures

    Mobile data services firm Motricity said it would shut down its Asian operations as part of a restructuring that would concentrate its business on the North American market. The company will focus on what it sees as growing opportunity in the mobile advertising and enterprise space, while continuing to service the largest American carriers. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple iBooks 2 Hopes To Reboot Textbooks

    Apple appears to be digging into some of its own roots in the 1980s as a darling of the education market in the company's new push to "reinvent" textbooks. Citing the high cost of school system books and the low levels of engagement among students with them, Apple execs took to the stage in New York yesterday to roll out new iPad apps and authoring tools designed to make school reading lists more fun, affordable and easier to make. ...Read the whole story

  • Constant Contact Acquires Mobile Loyalty Firm CardStar

    Seeking to expand from its core email and CRM platforms, Waltham-based Constant Contact has acquired mobile loyalty platform CardStar, Inc. CardStar offers an app that aggregates loyalty card numbers for easier in-store use. The Boston company has more than two million active users of the service, which also integrated mobile couponing. ...Read the whole story

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