Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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  • Apple Success Continues To SoarRead Write Web

    Even without the iPhone 5 -- or thriving TV and mobile ad strategies -- Apple’s sustained success continues to amaze.  “There are plenty of impressive stats in Apple’s December quarter earnings report, such as 37 million iPhones shipped, $46 billion of overall sales, and $13 billion of profit,” reports ReadWriteWeb. “But Apple's most impressive stat continues to be its growth rate.” “It turns out Apple didn’t need an iPhone 5 to bolster sales,” remarks The New York Times. Indeed, “any notions that Apple's iPhone 4S was a lame duck were erased with Apple's quarterly earning,” writes CNet. “It almost defies ... ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Microsoft Scrapping Virtual CurrencyInside Mobile Apps
  • MIT Adds Android, Apple Apps For Library ServicesMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Second Screening

There are a handful of things that are likely to drive success for Second Screen endeavors -- with opportunities for viewer involvement, additional program information, advertising revenues and commerce being most prominent. Every one will depend ...More

  • Whither Mobile?

    It's hard to imagine that any brand could be holding back on its mobile marketing initiatives. The growth pattern is too fast; the consumer behavior migration too sudden. Some evidence is showing up, though, that high-end ...More