• WPP's MJoule Enters China's Mobile Market

    WPP agencies GroupM and Tenth Avenue have joined forces to launch a mobile marketing presence in China through the acquisition of local mobile agency Wisereach. The new entity, known as MJoule, will combine assets of Tenth Avenue's mobile specialty unit Joule with the existing mobile operations of GroupM in China. ...Read the whole story

  • Rising Mobile Content Boon To Marketers

    With the spread of smartphones, more people are embracing a range of mobile content and services. A new Forrester report urges marketers to keep up with consumers and to spend more time in mobile to build brand awareness and interaction on handheld devices. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Firm Bango Teams With Facebook

    U.K.-based mobile payments firm Bango said Wednesday it had struck a deal to provide "payment services" to Facebook. The agreement suggests Bango could provide wireless billing services to Facebook as the social networking giant seeks to monetize its mobile platform prior to its IPO. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple iPad Holding On To 88% Of Tablet Traffic

    Clicks on tablet ads from paid-search campaigns rose five times higher in January, compared with the same period a year ago, according to research released Wednesday from Rimm-Kaufmann Group (RKG), a digital marketing agency. ...Read the whole story

  • Post Game: Second Screens Move On to The Grammys

    The second-screen experiences that played alongside the Super Bowl were just the kick-off a season of multi-screen programming. Beginning with this Sunday's Grammy Awards, app makers are hoping to leverage a month of live events, culminating in The Oscars. ...Read the whole story

  • App Revenues To Top $51.7 Billion in 2016 Despite HTML5 Gains

    Juniper says worldwide app revenues in 2016 will be more than double the market size in 2011. HTML5 deployments, however, will help the market peak soon. ...Read the whole story

5 Lessons March Madness Mobile Marketers Can Learn From The Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl over, time to focus on the next widely televised and advertised event: March Madness. For mobile marketers, the Super Bowl ads' use of mobile displayed five takeaways essential for success. ...More

  • Facebook Taps Bango, Keeps Ad Model A Mystery

    As fellow Mediapost columnist and social/mobile guru David Berkowitz pointed out the other day in one of my MoBlogs, it is pretty much astonishing that Facebook has allowed such scale to accrue on mobile without a clear monetization path here. In fact, from a consumer's perspective, Facebook was among the first smartphone apps to make the case that mobile could be a superior platform to the desktop for some core interactive media habits. Not only was the Facebook interface cleaner and more usable in an app, but the smartphone seamlessly converged all of the multimedia input tools that could bring ...More

  • Mobile Network Apologizes For Privacy Breach, Deletes Data Collected Without Consent

    The mobile social network Path landed in the middle of a privacy firestorm this week, thanks to developer Arun Thampi, who learned that the company was uploading users' entire address books to its servers. "I'm not insinuating that Path is doing something nefarious with my address book but I feel quite violated that my address book is being held remotely on a third-party service," Thampi wrote in a post outlining his findings. "I love Path as an iOS app and I think there are some brilliant people working on it, but this seems a little creepy." ...More