Monday, February 13, 2012
  • Facebook Wins Madison Ave.'s Hearts And Minds, Topples Google

    Facebook has emerged as the "strongest" digital media brand among advertisers and agency executives, replacing stalwart Google, according to the 2012 edition of an annual survey of ad industry perceptions about the media brands they use to advertise with. The results, which are based on annual polls of thousands of advertisers and agency executives conducted by Advertiser Perceptions Inc., are to Madison Avenue what J.D. Power's annual awards are to the automotive industry. ...Read the whole story

  • CPG Marketers Need Better Shopper Strategies

    A new study from Booz & Company indicates that many consumer goods companies are struggling to use shopper marketing practices to maximum advantage. The big challenge is for manufacturers to "better engage retail partners in the development and execution of shopper solutions that deliver added value beyond price reductions," the study concludes. ...Read the whole story

  • App Usability Beats Mobile Web...For Now

    According to design guru Jakob Nielsen, apps still constitute the best strategy when it comes to usability. In a new report comparing the two mobile platforms, Nielsen and his Nielsen Norman Group conclude that "as of this writing there is no contest: ship mobile apps if you can afford it." ...Read the whole story

  • SapientNitro's Dan Israel On Dialing Brands Into Mobile

    Prior to joining SapientNitro, Israel led consumer mobile strategy at The Home Depot. We asked him about the agency's approach to mobile, the outlook for 2012, and mobile wallets, among other topics. ...Read the whole story

  • Lean-Back, Curl Up and "Lasso" Content in MSN's iPad App

    Microsoft brings its MSN portal to the iPad this week even as the company prepares to preview its own tablet-optimized operating system. Aiming for a lean-back experience, MSN introduces a text "lasso" for easier searches. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • Apple Sues Samsung, Claims InfringementBloomberg

    Apple's suit versus Samsung Electronics Co. is set for a hearing May 2. It's just the latest in a series of legal actions charging the Seoul firm with stealing ideas and applying them to their own devices. Apple seeks a court order blocking the alleged infringement in smartphones such as Samsung's Galaxy S II Skyrocket and Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, which use Google's Android operating system, and Samsung's Galaxy 4.0 and 5.0 media players. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Details Privacy DefensePolitico

    Still defending its decision to combine various user data, Google reportedly told the FTC that the upcoming changes in its privacy policy are in compliance with the company’s settlement with the federal government last year. In a self-assessment report -- delivered to the FTC in January and obtained by Politico Friday -- Google apparently lays out the steps the company has taken internally to make sure it complies with the FTC’s consent decree finalized in November over the firm’s privacy policies. “Google says the efforts represent ‘exceptional lengths’ by the company to keep users informed how the Internet firm collects, ... ...Read the whole story

  • Confusing Is VerizonMashable
Weighing the Facts: Is QR Code Marketing Worthwhile?

What critics are missing is this: QR codes must be seen as an emerging technology, not a mainstream marketing channel, replete with standard KPIs and ROI expectations. Businesses should view this opportunity much like the first ...More

  • No Time For Mobile, Go Shop!

    According to the February 2012 survey, conducted by BIGinsight, the average US consumer celebrating Valentine's Day this year will spend $126.03 on traditional merchandise, up 8.5% from last year, and marking the highest average in the ...More