Friday, February 17, 2012
  • Mobile Site Investments, Search Growing

    Nearly half of the travel industry's annual paid search campaign impressions occur between May and August. With that in mind, investments in mobile, local sites and campaigns can create opportunities not only for companies, but consumers on the go. Brands like Starwood Hotels & Resorts tap mobile to improve the experience, as well as capture last-minute hotel bookings. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Dominates Multiscreen World

    TV remains the tent pole of the multiscreen environment, accounting for most of the viewing and ad dollars placed against video content, says ANA group Executive Vice President Bill Duggan. Other screens are essential but supplemental. ...Read the whole story

  • Arby's Rebounds With Engaging Multiscreen Ad Strategy

    Last year Arby's launched a new campaign as the "Good Mood Food" chain, to promote awareness that its comfort food was also wholesome and fresh. Its ads were a viral hit, prompting the company to develop a user-generated "casting call" contest for new ads. The cross-platform campaign, also featuring a social media component, drove the company's highest sales gain in a decade. ...Read the whole story

  • Shoot: Cameras Giving Way To Smartphones

    People are using their smartphones to take pictures more and more, but they're still looking toward single-use devices (such as digital SLRs and point-and-shoot cameras) to get the quality photographs they desire to preserve memories. ...Read the whole story

  • At The ANA: Social TV Is 'New Media'

    People are no longer just watching television programs. They are talking about them online, often on branded social-media campaigns from program sponsors. Still, defining "social TV" could almost seem a Hobson's choice between a redundancy and an oxymoron. ...Read the whole story

  • Opera Acquires Mobile Theory, 4th Screen

    Pushing further into mobile advertising, Opera Software is acquiring a pair of mobile ad networks: U.S.-based Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising in the U.K. for $10 million total. The deals follow two years after Opera, best known for its Web browsers, bought mobile ad network AdMarvel. ...Read the whole story

  • FTC: Apps For Kids Fall Short On Privacy

    Developers of childrens' apps often fail to adequately tell parents what data the apps collect, according to a Federal Trade Commission staff report. The report, described by the FTC as "a warning call to industry," faults app developers, as well as the iTunes and Android marketplaces and in-app advertisers, for the lack of information. ...Read the whole story

  • Branded Content with iPad Wings: Q&A With Red Bull Media

    Several years ago, Red Bull formed its own independent content and production company -- Red Bull Media House, which acts and operates like any traditional media company. It also offers its own iPad magazine in the free and lushly tricked-out Red Bulletin. We asked the company's Managing Director Werner Brell how he measures the value of branded content. ...Read the whole story

  • Paywall Goes Up On Mobile March Madness
  • Twitter Offers SMBs Self-Serve Ads With Help From American Express
    Search: Touch Me, Feel Me, Speak To Me

    Waving your hands, speaking your thoughts, and touching the screen to interact with applications on smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets and televisions might make you look like a lunatic to the casual observer, but these actions will ...More

    • The Mystery Of Mobile Targeting

      Mobile applications are a mystery to some. Even developers and experienced programmers seemed surprised to find applications copying data from address books in smartphones, where sensitive data gets kept. It's too easy to capture personal identifiable ...More

    • Mobile Devices Might Upend DRTV

      As consumers increasingly watch TV with a smartphone in hand, it bears asking whether the direct-response TV (DRTV) business will suffer. The device-in-hand behavior gives advertisers a chance to get the immediate sales results DRTV can ...More

    • IBooks: A Powerful Presentation Tool