• Aegis Rounds Out Digital Agency Portfolio, Acquires Roundarch For $125 Million+

    Aegis Group continues to beef up its digital agency portfolio, announcing an agreement this morning to acquire Roundarch for $125 million-plus. Aegis did not describe the terms of the deal, but said that price as an "initial consideration" and that based on future profit-based incentives, the total value could rise to as much as $360 million. ...Read the whole story

  • Jumptap, PlaceIQ Team To Boost M-Commerce

    As retailers increasingly embrace mobile to boost foot traffic and drive m-commerce, mobile advertising is expanding as well. To capitalize on that trend, mobile ad network Jumptap has partnered with hyperlocal data provider PlaceIQ and appointed a director of retail to oversee ad efforts in the category. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Could Bring Back Wearable Computers, But What About The Data?

    Android-based operating system glasses with a 3G or 4G data connection might be on the list of must-haves for techies by some time midyear. Reports put Google behind the project, but it's unclear whether Motorola Mobility patents contribute to the hardware device or the exploratory focus. Will these devices give online advertising another screen or expand the ability to collect data? ...Read the whole story

  • Kiip Poaches Zynga Ad Exec

    Manny Anekal, former head of global brand advertising for Zynga, has joined mobile rewards network Kiip as its chief operating officer. In his new role, Anekal will be charged with scaling operations as the company takes on more developers and advertisers and expands internationally. ...Read the whole story

The Third Screen: Mobile Borrowing -- The Smartphone Loan

There are some things that are a better fit with certain screens. For example, movies look better on a movie theater screen, a television series may be more pleasant on a large-screen TV, and spreadsheets are easier to work with on a PC screen. It’s intuitive to consider that filling out lengthy applications also would be better suited for PC screens -- or even tablets, for that matter -- rather than the smaller screen (and keyboard) of mobile phones. After all, how much data would a consumer be willing to enter through their smartphone? It turns out that many people ...More

  • Voice Search Becomes Key Metric For Expressions Of Intent

    Rather than type, speak the query. Searchers won't click -- they will swipe, touch or gesture. These expressions of intent on search engines or in applications will become the means by which people find and access information on Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. ...More

  • Mobile Providers Losing Billions to Social Messaging

    Social networks have the potential to disrupt any number of established industries, and indeed are already doing so, with big negative impacts already being felt by mobile network operators, according to research outfit Ovum. Specifically, free social media message services that compete with short message services (SMS) cost mobile network operators some $13.9 billion in lost SMS revenue in 2011 alone, Ovum estimates. The list of rivals includes Facebook chat, Blackberry Messenger, and Whatsapp. And the continuing proliferation of smartphones means that this threat to SMS revenues will only become more pervasive. ...More

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