Monday, February 27, 2012

Around The Net

  • Consumers Getting Fed Up With Digital Ads TechCrunch

    A survey of 4,150 people in the UK and U.S. finds that two out of three feel bombarded with too many digital ads online and on their mobile devices, reports Ingrid Lunden. An equal number, 66%, reported a change in brand perception when promotions became too invasive. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Rethinks Mobile All Things D

    Facebook on Monday announced plans for separate coalitions aimed at unifying mobile Web standards, as well as and enabling simpler carrier billing for Web apps. Why? Well as AllThingsD explains, “Facebook initially thought if it offered to send mobile developers lots of traffic, they would bring their apps to the mobile Web.” Unfortunately for the social network, it wasn’t that easy. “Even with Facebook, mobile developers still need a consistent Web platform as well as a simple means to get paid … And, since that is a problem Facebook can’t solve alone, the company is asking for help.” While Facebook ... ...Read the whole story

  • New Nokia/Windows Phones Miss Mark The Wall Street Journal

    Ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, analysts were expecting Nokia to perhaps showcase the new version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, Windows 8, at a price that would match its Chinese competition. The Finnish phone-maker didn’t help its cause by bragging that it would release some “significant industry news” at the event, this week. Instead, Nokia released new additions to its phone portfolio, which, as The Wall Street Journal reports, “failed to inspire.” Reflecting the disappointment, Nokia shares were down about 5% in late-morning trading on Monday. “We were looking for a cheap Windows phone at $200 ... ...Read the whole story

  • IPhone May Have Trouble Elsewhere Business Insider
  • But Check Out The (Possible) IPhone 5 Business Insider
Prediction: Mobile Searches Represent More Than 50% of Trending Terms

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google Global Head of Mobile Sales and Strategy Jason Spero revealed to an audience on Monday a dozen predictions and mobile trends for 2012, mostly in Europe. But analysts ...More

  • Mobile Video More Vital Than Social Media on Cell Phones

    The music and video capabilities of mobile phones are more important to prospective buyers than the social networking features, according to comScore's hefty new mobile report released late last week. "Demonstrating the importance of the ecosystem ...More