Prediction: Mobile Searches Represent More Than 50% of Trending Terms

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google Global Head of Mobile Sales and Strategy Jason Spero revealed to an audience on Monday a dozen predictions and mobile trends for 2012, mostly in Europe. But analysts made their own predictions, suggesting that Google will pull in from mobile about $4.5 billion in revenue during its fiscal year 2012 ...More

  • Mobile Video More Vital Than Social Media on Cell Phones

    The music and video capabilities of mobile phones are more important to prospective buyers than the social networking features, according to comScore's hefty new mobile report released late last week. "Demonstrating the importance of the ecosystem experience, smartphone owners rated selection of apps and music/video capabilities as significantly more important than the total mobile market. Meanwhile social networking features were less important, falling outside of the top purchase factors for smartphone buyers, despite the overall popularity in accessing social networking sites on mobile devices," comScore said. ...More