Mom Will Be First In Line For The Newest iPad

Apple announced its newest iPad yesterday, an improved tablet that boasts a slew of enhanced features. Among the heaviest tablet users, moms are already planning to hand down their original iPad or iPad2 to the kids and upgrade to the new model for themselves on March 16. In an online survey we conducted of 1,500 moms, 47% said they'd be in line to pick up the newest tablet for $499 despite tough financial times. ...More

  • The Wisdom Of Gomer Pyle

    Perhaps it was a late-night re-run of "Gomer Pyle" playing in the background that got me thinking about the wisdom of "shazam." And just maybe Gomer was onto something with all his shazaming. ...More

  • FCC Drills Deeper Into Verizon-Cable Deal

    The Federal Communications Commission appears interested in taking a closer look at Verizon's proposed alliance with cable companies. Today, the agency asked Verizon and cable companies for a host of data relating to the deals, which call for Verizon to pay almost $4 billion to license spectrum from Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and BrightHouse Networks. Verizon and the cable providers also intend to enter into joint marketing agreements. ...More