Friday, March 9, 2012

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  • How The New iPad Will Create TV-Like (But Even Better) AdsForbes

    Faster and with an improved screen, the new iPad, hitting the market March 16, will help marketers finally realize the potential of tablet advertising: "to run the kind of rich magazine or even TV-style ads that still command most of the advertising dollars spent," writes Robert Hof. ”For the first time, traditional magazine ads and TV ads suddenly become compelling on a computing device." "The tablet is the TV of this generation,”  Jason Baptiste, CEO of Onswipe, tells Hoff. “It’s the beauty of print married to the scale of the Web." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Opens Mobile KimonoInside Facebook

    By the end of 2011, Facebook had 432 million monthly active mobile users, according to an updated s-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. While hard to believe, the social giant also revealed that just over 13% of these actives users accessed the social network exclusively through their mobile devices. This isn’t the first we’re learning of Facebook’s massive mobile footprint. “When the company filed for an initial public offering in February, it said it had more than 425 million mobile MAU in December 2011,” Inside Facebook reports. With the updated stats, however, Facebook is reporting year-over-year mobile media ... ...Read the whole story

  • Apple, Publishers Facing Antitrust SuitWall Street Journal
Mom Will Be First In Line For The Newest iPad

Apple announced its newest iPad yesterday, an improved tablet that boasts a slew of enhanced features. Among the heaviest tablet users, moms are already planning to hand down their original iPad or iPad2 to the kids ...More

  • The Wisdom Of Gomer Pyle

    Perhaps it was a late-night re-run of "Gomer Pyle" playing in the background that got me thinking about the wisdom of "shazam." And just maybe Gomer was onto something with all his shazaming. ...More

  • FCC Drills Deeper Into Verizon-Cable Deal

    The Federal Communications Commission appears interested in taking a closer look at Verizon's proposed alliance with cable companies. Today, the agency asked Verizon and cable companies for a host of data relating to the deals, which ...More