Friday, March 23, 2012
  • Web, Apps Will Coexist In Future, Mobile Will Explode

    New research from Pew suggests that the Web and apps can -- and most likely will -- coexist. Some 59% of experts interviewed agreed that the Web will be stronger than ever by 2020. Specifically, they believe that "the open Web" will continue to thrive, but 35% agreed with the notion that most people will prefer to use specific apps by 2020. ...Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: 'Wired' Deploys NFC Chips

    While 2D mobile barcodes are getting a lot of attention from magazine publishers and advertisers, Wired is experimenting with another print-mobile ad hybrid by including near-field communication chips in subscriber copies of its April issue. ...Read the whole story

  • Key Luxury Hotels Book Digital Strategy

    A new study ranking more than 50 luxury hotel brands based on their Web site, social media, mobile and digital marketing efforts cited Four Seasons, Hilton, and Marriott as the top names in the business. ...Read the whole story

  • African-Americans: Web-, Smartphone-Centric

    African-Americans rely heavily on online sources for brand information and 95% of the demographic does online research, at least some of the time before making a purchase. ...Read the whole story

  • End Of An Age: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Will Beat Physical Video Viewing In 2012

    The video everywhere and anywhere phenomenon is finally going to push digital viewing past disc-based experiences this year. According to tracking for IHS Screen Digest, online movie watching will surpass 3.4 billion views this year -- about 1 billion units of viewing more than the 2.4 billion views (or transactions). This represents monstrous growth in digital viewing. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • Proposed Mobile Ad Network Could Post Threat Fierce Wireless

    Existing networks like Yahoo, Fourth Screen and AdMob may be threatened by a plan to form a data-driven ad network from Everything Everywhere, O2 UK and Vodafone. It would include the key aspect of providing demographic targeting. The plan is part of a mobile wallet joint venture known as Project Oscar. Industry insiders called the proposal a "land grab" of the UK mobile ad market. ...Read the whole story

  • Angry Birds Ride Space Needle Forbes

    Angry Birds in Space is the next iteration of the Rovio game, and the company is commemorating the launch, so to speak, of a giant slingshot display on Seattle's Space Needle. The company says it has had two billion downloads of its Angry Birds game, some paid downloads, some ad supported. Ironically, given that the event is in Seattle, home of Microsoft, the game is not available on Window phones for technical reasons. The game is also a big hit in China, where there are something like 20 million monthly users and downloads could surpass those in the U.S. The ... ...Read the whole story

  • JetBlue exec: Mobile is a medium of convenienceMobile Marketer
Is There An App For This? Congress Asks Disclosure From 34 iOS Publishers

Congress wants 34 iOS app developers to disclose what data they are collecting from devices and why. This line of questioning could eventually lead to publishers being much more honest and disciplined about tying data collection ...More