• Instagram Deal Sharpens Facebook's Mobile Focus

    Aiming to remain a key hub for sharing photos, Facebook acquired mobile photo application Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock. The transaction--Facebook's largest to date--also underscores the company's efforts to bolster its mobile offerings. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Ad Spend Rings Up $85 Bil, Mobile Web Aids Rise

    Online advertising hit $84.8 billion in 2011, representing a 16% year-over-year increase, and accounting for more than 17% of all global measured ad expenditures, according to GroupM. Across global regions, North America led the pack in terms of overall digital ad spending, with an estimated $34.5 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Pay-Per-Call Ad Tracking 348% Growth Attributed To Mobile, Local

    Mobile advertising continues to shake up traditional ad investments for a variety of media. For call tracking, the shift continues to move dollars from national to local ads. Some 61.6% of the pay-per-call share resides in local ads vs. the remainder for national -- the opposite of a year ago, according to analysis from Telmetrics, which measures pay-per-call ad tracking. ...Read the whole story

  • Troy-Bilt Goes Multi-Screen With Shazam

    The new Troy-Bilt effort makes music-ID app Shazam the bridge between the TV and the mobile web to promote two newly launched Troy-Bilt yard products plus one existing product line. ...Read the whole story

  • ESPN Outreach Site Adds Podcasts

    ESPN's efforts to give consumers behind-the-scenes access to its operations -- and dial up self-promotion -- now include podcasts. The company has launched the "Front & Center" discussions, with the most recent being an interview with president John Skipper about the network's coverage of Major League Baseball. ...Read the whole story

  • Verve Wireless Nabs comScore CTO Nicotra, Claims 90M Local Mobile Uniques

    In hiring Chris Nicotra away from comScore, Verve Wireless reunites former Ad.com top execs and focuses the company on developing its local targeting technology. ...Read the whole story

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There's An App for That - But At What Cost?

The App Store has over 500,000 apps for work, play and everything in between. But at what cost are all these apps? For consumers, a loss of privacy. For the app industry, constant scrutiny on both the state and federal level. ...More

  • Mobile Video Traffic to Exceed PC Traffic by 2015; Vendors Race to Optimize Mobile Video Ads

    With mobile video traffic on a pace to exceed PC traffic, this year will likely bring a slew of mobile video ad innovations. Case in point. Interactive ad technology vendor Jivox is rolling out new features to enable "mobile-optimized landing pages" for any multi-platform campaign that includes smartphones. This is a good thing. How many times have you clicked on a mobile link only to have to scroll across the screen back and forth and back and forth til your eyes pop out? (Happened to me last week. Fortunately, only one eye fell and I popped it back in). ...More

  • Mobile Relationship Management: Advancing Consumers through the Customer Journey

    MRM, or mobile relationship management, focuses on an intimate group of consumers who are hungry to learn more. ...More

  • Mobile Phone, Tablet Users Gravitate Toward Product Videos, Study Finds

    Ever clicked on a video link on your mobile phone only to encounter a video that - gasp - didn't play? Yep, thought so. Me too. Even in this mobile-centric day and age, I still run across videos that just don't start on my smartphone, or videos that require the viewer to scroll back and forth across the screen. ...More

  • Playing Outside The App: Cellufun Gets Tylted

    Starting with feature phones and now in HTML5, Cellufun generated enormous mobile Web scale before that was cool. Now it is rebranding its social games as Tylted and hoping to leverage the community of 9.2 million with advertisers. ...More

  • Search Investments Rise On Mobile, Voice, Gesture

    Marketers will spend nearly $33.8 billion in 2012 for search engine marketing -- up from approximately $29.7 billion, according to a study from GroupM released Monday. ...More