• Gen Y: The Digital Divide Gets Deeper

    Ewan Duncan, a principal in the Seattle office of McKinsey & Co. and co-leader of its Consumer research, tells Marketing Daily why the separation of generations is accelerating, and what marketers need to know. ...Read the whole story

  • Hulu Changes Ad Commitments To Benefit Brands

    Raising the bar for all online publishers, Hulu has committed to only bill brands and agencies for ads that viewers watch in their entirety. Jean-Paul Colaco, Hulu's senior vice president, advertising, sees the move as an extension of Hulu's intrinsic brand-friendly nature. ...Read the whole story

  • Arbitron Debuts Mobile Analytics Offering

    Arbitron is launching a new syndicated mobile research service for the U.S. covering usage across the Web, apps, social media and e-commerce on mobile devices. The new offering will also report reach, frequency, and key activities on mobile phones and tablets, whether connected via a cellular or Wi-Fi network or used offline. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablets Gaining In Video Viewing Race

    Forget the "third screen." Tablets are moving into the second-screen position (behind television) when it comes to watching full-length videos (i.e., television shows that are 30 minutes long or longer). ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Bookings Driving Travel Growth

    As the travel industry online begins to mature, mobile still represents a key area for growth. The number of people booking travel from their phones will double by 2016, eMarketer projects. ...Read the whole story

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Google Releases Wireless Shopping Data

ABI Research this morning released data that suggests smartphones will drive the semiconductor market to $170 billion in revenue within five years. That's huge, by the way. More mobile phones mean more purchases, which mean growth in the mobile ad industry. Mix that with Google's data, and marketers gain greater insight into trends. ...More

  • More Trouble From Google's Wi-Spy Snafu: DOJ, Congress Calls For Inquiries

    The advocacy group Electronic Privacy Information Center is asking the Department of Justice to investigate whether Google's Wi-Spy snafu violated any federal laws. "Over a three-year period, Google, Inc., deployed hundreds of cars on roadways across the United States, outfitted with digital cameras and Wi-Fi receivers, to capture both images available from public roadways and the private communications of Internet users," EPIC says in a letter to DOJ dated Tuesday. "Google's 'Street View' program has given rise to numerous investigations, and lawsuits, but none have adequately determined whether Google's conduct violated the federal Wiretap Act." ...More

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