• Study Finds Gen Y Responds To App Ads

    The study found that adults 25-34 are more likely to value the influence of advertisements, and they recall seeing more ads while using mobile apps, particularly video ads or fully sponsored/branded apps. ...Read the whole story

  • Kindle Fire Boosts Amazon Digital Sales

    Amazon's first-quarter results suggest its strategy of selling a cheap tablet computer to drive digital sales is starting to pay dividends. The e-commerce giant attributed its 19% rise in media sales during the quarter in part to e-books, movies and music being purchased through the $199 Kindle Fire tablet it launched in November. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Network Apps Rival Games For Mobile Attention

    Since the dawn of the smartphone, games have dominated consumers' mobile minutes. In the past year, however, new research shows that social networking has risen to rival gaming on a per-minute basis. Flurry also found that ad revenue in apps is being driven primarily by the gaming and social networking categories. ...Read the whole story

  • Ask.com Readies Investments To Supplement Q&A Search

    Ask.com will likely make a series of investments this year to support its question-and-answer platform, capitalizing on the company's core technology. It has begun to test application programming interfaces that give developers the building blocks to design mobile and desktop applications. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Remains Mobile Rev Leader

    In a report last September, Yankee Group dubbed Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook the "Four Horsemen" of what it called the mobile content revolution. The mobile-focused research firm has since updated its findings, estimating that more than half the collective $200 billion in revenue of the four tech giants came from mobile sources. Apple claims the vast majority of revenue. ...Read the whole story

  • Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Partnering On E-Book Company

    Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with Barnes & Noble to spin the bookseller's digital and college businesses into a new company. The deal helps the two companies consolidate technologies, platforms and marketing against Apple, Amazon and Google. ...Read the whole story

  • Apps Make Affluent Feel 'Connected' To Their Luxury Brands

    The rich are different. While affluent device owners embrace luxury brand apps, they want those mobile experiences to enhance the in-store and more personalized service they expect from high-end retail. ...Read the whole story

Best SMS Practices: Does Your Customer Really Want To Hear From You In a Personal Way?

A client's understanding of its own customer base is more critical than ever with SMS campaigns. Understanding how, how often and when that user will value your message is the difference between respecting and abusing this most personal of channels. ...More

  • Permutations Of A Billion-Dollar Mobile App

    When you look at the 21st century, a long time after early innovations appeared like the lightbulb or the phone, to later innovations such as the Arpanet protocol, or search engines and portals, you might ask yourself what the future of innovation will look like. Will it be about solving a problem, with something never done before on a global scale (see above list) or will it be about mashing existing things together and making them better at a global scale? Google made the world's information accessible. Apple made the world of devices simpler/prettier. Facebook made the world closer. But ...More

  • 3DBT: Location Awareness Is Behavioral Targeting With A New Dimension

    Apps are adding a new and fascinating layer to the data sets both developers and marketers can use to refine their offerings. Tshis is much like the early days of behavioral targeting, when we had no idea yet what value the data might render. ...More