• Meeker Promises There Is Money In Mobile

    Facebook's initial public offering cast a harsh light on its failure so far to monetize its immense mobile audience of 500 million worldwide. But it's hardly the only company struggling to figure out how to make money off a rapidly growing mobile user base as more and more people adopt smartphones and tablets. ...Read the whole story

  • Adobe Gives New Meaning To Search Advertising, Makes Online Ads Searchable

    Adobe developed a method through HTML5 that allows brands to build advertising content that Google can index in search results. The Edge tools, an alternative to Flash, allow companies to build animation into their Web site or online ads. Will Google and Bing reject the idea? ...Read the whole story

  • Magazine Print Readership Declines, Digital Grows

    Consumer magazines' print readership declined over the last year, but the losses were partly offset by growth in digital readership, according to GfK MRI. When print and digital editions are considered together, the figure sank 2.6% from just under 1.25 billion to just under 1.22 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Platform Notwithstanding, Gaming Top Consumer Activity

    According to new research from PwC U.S., people spend more time playing games on the various devices than they do watching TV or movies on them. The disparity was particularly wide when it came to gaming consoles. ...Read the whole story

  • Google+ Local Rolls With Zagat Recommendations, Reviews

    Google provided free recommendations and reviews from Zagat on Wednesday, serving up content on Google+ in a feature the tech company calls Local. After paying millions for the site and the content in September, the tech company will finally link social with maps and search features. ...Read the whole story

  • iPhone Users Biggest Data Consumers

    iPhone users are the data hogs of the smartphone world. On average, they account for 80% of the top 10% of heaviest data users, according to a new study by U.K.-based technology research firm Analysys Mason. iPhone owners are three times more likely to be in the top 30% of heaviest data users. ...Read the whole story

  • Groupon Buys Tablet-Based POS Service

    Groupon is trying to make good on its CEO's promise to build an operating system for mobile commerce among local merchants with its purchase of point-of-sale technology Breadcrumb. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Everywhere Services Lack Awareness

    So-called TV Everywhere services -- which were supposed to be the coordinated response of pay TV operators like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and DirecTV to threatening over-the-top TV/video services like Netflix and Hulu -- are suffering from a lack of visibility, according to Parks Associates' Brett Sappington. ...Read the whole story

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Radio Shack Campaign Finds Proximity Matters, But Not The Way You Would Think

It makes sense in retrospect that click rates on Radio Shack's mobile campaigns actually went up as the user was farther from the store. But it reminds us how little we appreciate about the difference between mobile devices and the Web. ...More

  • Email Is Already Portable - Let's Make It Mobile

    With so many emails being read first on mobile devices, what can we do to manage the multi-screen messaging madness? Keep it short, keep it focused, and learn how to synchronize with your own computer. ...More

  • Integrated Display, Social and Mobile Video Ads Boosts Brand Engagement

    The addition of display ads and social media features to mobile video can boost the effectiveness and engagement of a mobile marketing buy. That's the finding of an analysis of mobile video advertising conducted by Rhythm New Media, a premium mobile ad network. ...More

  • RIM Fends Off The Obituary Writers

    BlackBerry maker RIM, which reported Tuesday that it may experience an unexpected loss for the first quarter and saw its shares plunge nearly 8% yesterday, is in a "make-or-break blitz to roll out its next smartphone and operating system" analysts and industry observers tell the "Wall Street Journal"'s Will Connors. That's after influential tech columnist Shelly Palmer declared it all but embalmed in a column last Friday. ...More