• Mobile Advertising Hit $5.3 Billion In 2011

    Looking beyond U.S. borders, the IAB issued a new report today estimating the global mobile advertising market at $5.3 billion last year, with a wide gap between developed and emerging regions. Across the board, search accounted for the largest share of mobile ad spending, typically at least double the amount of display for a given area. ...Read the whole story

  • Forecast: Windows Phone To Surpass iOS By 2016

    A new forecast suggests Microsoft's Windows Phone will gain momentum in the coming years, edging out iOS to become the second-most-popular smartphone operating system behind Google's Android by 2016. That would mark a dramatic reversal of fortune for the Microsoft platform, which currently has only a fraction of the smartphone market. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Acquires Quickoffice To Reinforce Competitive Position

    Google has acquired one of the longest-lived productivity app makers in the mobile space, Quickoffice. The purchase positions Google to compete directly with Microsoft as that company prepares to launch Office products into the app space. ...Read the whole story

  • Gaming No Longer Niche Entertainment

    One of the biggest areas for gaming growth has been in the mobile space. More than 30% of gamers said they play games on their smartphones, up 10% over last year. A quarter of gamers said they play games on other wireless devices, up from 13% in 2011. ...Read the whole story

  • Backlinks Strongest Factor For Positive Search Rankings

    Content shared from Facebook and the amount of backlinks appear to influence organic search engine results most, but Google +1s have the strongest impact on rankings on Google sites in the U.S. and U.K., notes a Searchmetrics study being released Thursday. The number of backlinks remains the factor most strongly tied to positive rankings in both regions. ...Read the whole story

  • Moorhead Exits Draftfcb, Joins Catalina Marketing

    Patrick Moorhead, who served as mobile lead at Draftfcb, has left the Chicago-based agency to take the newly created position of vice president, mobile sales at in-store and digital shopping marketer Catalina Marketing. In his new role, Moorhead will lead sales of Catalina Mobile's new range of smartphone-related solutions with a focus on CPG manufacturers. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Ad Exchange Nexage Lands $10 Million

    Mobile ad exchange Nexage has raised $10 million in a second round of venture financing led by SingTel Innov8, the corporate venture capital arm of the SingTel Group. Prior investors Relay Ventures and GrandBanks Capital also participated in this financing, which brings the total raised by Nexage so far to $14.5 million. ...Read the whole story

Aisle Wars: Lowe's Aims To Win The In-Store App Battle With An Experience Assault

With 42,000 iPhones in-store to help customers with their own app-driven shopping, Lowe's is fully embracing the mobilized consumer. It requires an infrastructure that makes the experience seamless. ...More

  • Audience Targeting Coming From A Neighborhood Store Near You

    eXelate has begun to research long-tail services that would provide local businesses with an automated self-serve audience targeting and modeling systems. The platform, and others like it, would allow local retail and service companies to input information to build custom audience segments. "I'm a dentist that works at this location who specializes in braces; build an audience block for me," said Mark Zagorski, CEO at eXelate. "We want to achieve that goal." ...More

  • The Future Of Books In A World Gone Mobile

    In Manhattan this week, a tale of two industries is playing out at the Javits Center. Upstairs, book publishers were still trying to dial in for a clue to mobile marketing. Downstairs, a blog convention had thousands of self-publishers already speaking to readers across platforms. ...More

  • Mining Mobile's Local Motion

    In many quarters, 2012 has been dubbed the year of mobile. According to a 2012 Nielsen report1, smartphone penetration in the U.S. has exceeded 50 percent and is poised to rise even further as the technology improves. Just like every new technological platform that attracts a critical mass of consumers, mobile has experienced its fair share of the inevitable growing pains in monetization with advertisers that every nascent medium goes through. However, I think brands and agencies know there is great, and largely untapped, value in mobile advertising, and an engaged audience - expecting media and technology to tangibly improve ...More

  • Menacing Mobile

    In a New York Times column titled "The Twitter Trap," published in May 2011, Bill Keller noted the latest mobile developments before confessing that "my inner worrywart wonders whether the new technologies overtaking us may be eroding characteristics that are essentially human: our ability to reflect, our pursuit of meaning, genuine empathy, a sense of community ..." More recently, in another essay in the same newspaper, titled "The Flight from Conversation," M.I.T. psychology professor Sherry Turkle similarly asserted that the new technology brings with it some kind of loss, a metaphysical price to be paid. But these concerns about media ...More